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I think it was shown to give the fans something to squeal about.

It is likely that Thawne stole the IDEA for the ring from Barry, but as I recall the lightning symbol on it matches the one on RF's suit so it wasn't Barry's ring.

However as the grandfather paradox as it were is in full force in this series, Barry being the inspiration for Thawne to become super powered then becoming RF, then going back and having to create Barry as the Flash to restore the Speed Force and his own powers, RF training Barry and making sure Barry stays alive, Barry learns that he creates the Gideon AI and RF uses, it is likely that Barry and crew are curious about that ring, Cisco may have studied it a bit while RF was imprisoned, and that they will then create such a ring for Barry because Thawne had one, because Barry had one, and so on.


To be honest the paradox effect in this series is so intense that I suspect even Dr. Who would be amazed. \:\)


Looking back on series 1 it is the time-travel element that has made it, if it wasn't for that I doubt the show would have caught the interest of the viewers as much as it did.
You reminded me of 'Barry' creating Gideon, an interesting reveal as it suggests Barry might be more capable than just chemistry and police investigative work, if he creates Gideon why not a Ring for storing his costume. I do hope they explore Barry's intelligence, Characters like Cisco in these shows are fine and all but do run a risk in detracting from the capability of the star of the show - Barry cannot show his own ability for genius when it is Cisco who is there to do it all for him.