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      Am I the only one who thinks that eventually they will have to kill Henry off?

      I mean one of the most compelling parts of the show is Joe and Barry's father/son relationship. Eventually they're going to have kill Henry or get him out of jail...and I have no clue what they would do with him once he were out of jail.

    So far, I haven't understood how they will handle the paradox which concluded the last episode of the first season.

    Eddie Thawne killed himself to stop Eobard Thawne and it erased the Reverse Flash from the current timeline. Thus, Eobard never came to the 21st century, never killed Barry's mother and Barry's father never went to jail... and Eddie Thawne should never have had a reason to kill himself ... So, the suicide created an endless temporal causality loop.

    If the spacetime continuum has to fix itself ... it should erase both Eddie Thawne & Eobard Thawne from the current continuity, creating an alternate reality where Barry was raised by his father & mother.

I'm wondering if that's the reality at the other end of the singularity. But then that wouldn't work...Jay shouldn't be in that one.

    It doesn't mean that Rick Cosnett won't come back but, instead of Eddie Thawne, he might become the sinister Malcolm Thawne, replacing Eobard Thawne as Barry's main nemesis.
    And Tom Cavanagh might come back ... as the true Harrison Wells.

    Still, so far, nothing suggests that will be the plan for the 2nd season.

I've heard Cavanaugh comes back. But instead of coming back as the real Harrison or reprising the role of Eobard he comes back as the Harrison Wells from Earth 2.

Rick Cosnett has been cast on the ABC show Quantico. If he comes back I bet it will only be for an episode.