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Subj: Re: So would they be facing other earths heros and Villains now then?
Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 at 01:13:15 am BST (Viewed 222 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So would they be facing other earths heros and Villains now then?
Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 at 07:19:19 pm BST (Viewed 3 times)

    That crossover could be worked out though, as CBS is part owner of the CW, but why could they not also show us the Smallsville kara or kal, or even their lex, as all of them were on the CW?

Which is why I said it's possible. ;\)

Given Tom Welling's reluctance to appear as Superman, he will very likely never appear as Superman. MAYBE in a Clark Kent capacity, but definitely not Superman. I'll be very, very, very surprised if he shows up as Superman in any episode of the Flash. The Flash writers want this to happen, but I don't see it happening at all unless they hire another actor to have an alternate version of Superman appear that is not Tom Welling. But I don't see that happening either because of the Batman Vs. Superman Movie. That is, unless Henry Cavill is willing to make some kind of deal, but I doubt it.

But then again, if Dean Cain can be talked into reprising his role as Superman from the Lois and Clark Universe then that's the only way I can see Superman making an appearance. But again, maybe it's not very likely given the fact he's playing Supergirl's adopted father in the upcoming Supergirl TV series. But who knows? I think Dean Cain would be far more willing to put on the blue tights one last time than Tom Welling. If Superman is to appear, this is the most likely option the writers will take in my book.

Smallville's Kara is not a possibility either since Laura Vandervoort is pretty busy starring in her own show called Bitten where she plays a Werewolf. If she can somehow work it into her schedule, she may be open to making a small cameo. This I can see far more as a possibility more than Tom Welling.

As for Smallville's Lex appearing in an episode of the Flash, that all depends on Michael Rosenbaum's willingness to appear as Luthor. It'd be cool if he did, but it's most likely not going to happen.

Then again, I've been wrong before. In this case, I'll be glad to be wrong about everything I've said. We'll just have to wait and see. ;\)

It's interesting that a hero/villain performs one amazing feat, or use a power they haven't used for 20+ years, and that automatically propels them to a high status despite scans and evidence to the contrary. I don't know what is worse, selective feat picking that has only been done once or twice 20, or more, years ago or ignoring evidence from scans or the lack thereof. We need to stop putting our favorite heroes/villains on pedestals and start putting them where they really belong. But it's evident that people never will because they would rather accuse others of cherry picking feats, when they don't, and being 'morally superior' when they aren't. I guess being honest and as fair as possible only opens one up to being the target of childish accusations and fault finding by those who insist on acting petty and childish. What happened to a good debate between two civil, mature, adults?