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Subj: Re: Anyone else think Henry (or an alternate) is Zoom?
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 at 11:26:30 am BST (Viewed 241 times)
Reply Subj: Anyone else think Henry (or an alternate) is Zoom?
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    First off, having John Wesley Shipp on the show has been a good thing and a nice tribute to the 90's series.

    Now after a full season of worrying how to clear his father's name, the deed is done, the battle is won and Henry Allen is a free man with his name fully cleared by the law and the media.

    Then he decides to leave so that he doesn't hold Barry back.

    I'm sure he will be appearing again at times but the question is this:

    Would keeping Henry Allen around hold Barry back from developing as a hero?

I've always felt he would hold the show back. I like seeing his character now and then...but I don't want to see him every week. The bond between Barry and Joe has always been a driving force on the show.

    Henry should easily be able to get his medical license restored since it is now clear to the legal system that he should never have lost it in the first place. Of course he will have to learn the latest medical technology that he missed over 15 years. But once up to date and restored he could easily serve as a Doctor at Star Labs. Patching up everyone's wounds and also a chance to be with his son and study his son as well. The full potential of Barry's powers have yet to be tapped much less how to use his powers to create things like rapid healing in patients, etc. His father could be ideal for studying that.

I'm thinking his skill set probably isn't up to snuff to resume his career in medicine. Then again maybe he's been reading medical books in prison.

    Of course his father could also be a source of moral support and strength, but also be a weakness. He has no powers, and since Captain Cold does know who the Flash is, even though Barry made it clear to him what WILL happen if Cold attacks his family, Henry could still be a target.

I don't mind that his father is just another person Barry has to protect. I guess I fear Joe will be pushed to the periphery if Henry becomes a regular cast member. I also fear if Henry becomes a cast member he's going to be a perpetual victim...every year the writers will invent some new way to ruin his life. At least off the show he can build a new life. I say leave him off the show until they have a good reason to use him.

Also I kind of want to find out Henry has a dark side. He's been in prison for what 15 years. He has to be angry.

    Granted Cold does have some sense of fair play about some things and doesn't seem to want to attack Barry's family and friends, the threat still lingers. Also of course other villains can get to Barry through his father. Case in point, Reverse Flash.

His father on Earth 2 being Zoom would be a neat twist!

Wonder if there is a good Lex luthor or Joker on one of those 52 earths?

This could be the way to get Supergirl on a crossover also...