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Subj: Re: Flash S2 ep 3: Family of Rogues
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    Remember: I have postulated the fact that the Wells of Earth 1 was a good man until Reverse Flash killed him and replaced him. This does NOT mean that the Wells of Earth 2 is a good person. He could be an evil genius whereas the Wells of Earth 1 was good before he was killed.

It struck me how similar the formula for this season is to last season with the use of Wells/Zoom but with it being this well written you hardly care...
It does appear that Harrison Wells-2 is Zoom, and I like that twist, Earth-2 is such an intriguing mirror you can do a lot of clever twists and play with expectations. Zoom's apparent visual similarity to Barry/Reverse-Flash might have been avoided I think as it is a little confusing unless you bear in mind this is an alternate earth and everything is slightly distorted, but given Wells-2 is obviously a genius his goals may be entirely aimed at honing his own Superspeed and ensuring his own dominance - I thought I read that that is what he is after, to be the ultimate speedster...?

Well right now we haven't seen any hard evidence that Earth 2 Wells is Zoom. It is quite possible he is Zoom, just as Thawne replaced Earth 1 Wells.

Or he is just an evil genius with his own agenda.

As to Jay Garrick, they need to end the powerless subplot before it wears thin. I still suspect that Barry will channel some Speed Force into him to jumpstart his powers.

Also they now have to do something to help Stein. He is clearly the new super genius of the group to replace Wells/RF, but it is clear that there is some symbiosis in his relation to Ronnie and he needs to merge at times into Firestorm. Wonder how fast they bring in the new half of Firestorm?