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    Any guess as to why they're ignoring the future super computer in the hallway.

Stands to reason she isn't even there. When Reverse Flash realized he could no longer keep up his charade as Dr. Wells, he very likely took Gideon back into his Reverse Flash suit. If I were as smart as Dr. Wells, there's no way in the world I would be stupid enough to leave Gideon behind, I would have taken her into my suit.

And since Reverse Flash was wiped from exist, including his suit, stands to reason that Gideon was wiped from existence too. And no, that does not make sense, but from a certain percpective, neither does a lot of stuff that happened since Eddie killed himself.

We saw in a Flashback that when Reverse Flash killed Nora and then ran away from the house and suddenly powered down that Gideon was in his suit and had an interface in the left wrist of the suit.

She is later then put into the Time Vault in Star Labs and apparently has a HUGE array of memory banks and systems and freaked Cisco out.

Then after they attempted to contain RF and get the confession only for RF to reveal he was always a step ahead of them, Barry zips to the Time Vault and on the screens are the surveillance videos from the cameras that RF had set up in all their homes and offices. No sign of Gideon.

So it would stand to reason that RF had Gideon back in his suit.

Once RF was erased from time as part of the paradox that now exists and may well still be damaging the future as I have postulated before, then Gideon was never taken by RF and thus should still be in the future.