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Subj: Re: An interesting theory on Zoom's identity
Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 at 12:36:09 am GMT (Viewed 4 times)
Reply Subj: An interesting theory on Zoom's identity
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It's quite long, about 16 minutes. I'd start at the 6:25 mark to get to this guy's long explanation on who he thinks Zoom is.

It's rather compelling and he makes excellent points. That causes me to revise my list and add in a name. So, my list on who Zoom is as follows.

1. Zoom has no identity. This one is my own personal theory. He's the Grim Reaper of Speedsters, wanting to steal their speed. He has been been referred to as the "Speed Demon" and his look is black, which takes after the Black Flash. He wants to be the only one with Superspeed, which only feeds into my theory. Zoom also has a monsterous looking face, much like Black Flash does in the comics. I also posted a primitive CGI fight a while back with Jay chasing after Zoom and Zoom had a very skeletal face. This also feeds into my theory that Zoom has no identity and is based off of the Black Flash. He is more of a force of nature than an actual person. Thus, he is Zoom and no one else.

2. The guy's theory above is compelling and he makes some very good points. It's for this reason that I will now put Earth-2 Wally West as someone who could be Zoom. After all, Earth Prime Wells created the Flash and Earth-2 Wells created Zoom. What if Zoom was created in a similar way as the Flash was? So, because of that, Earth-2 Wally West sits at #2 as someone who could be Zoom.

3. Eddie Thawne. Yes, he killed himself, but his body was sucked into the portal. Plus, that singularity is essentially a black hole. Who's to say Eddie's body didn't end up being thrown back in time and altered to the point he got powers before being revived? I still think that he could have been revived and gained the power to alter time relative to himself so it only looks like he's a speedster but he's not. So, what if he wants to steal the speed of every speedster so he can use that energy to go back in time and prevent himself from turning into Zoom? I say it's entirely possible. Plus, Eddie Thawne shares a lot in common with another character who called himself Zoom and that is Hunter Zolomon. It's because of this that Eddie Thawne sits at #3.

4. Zoom is Earth-2 Barry Allen. I don't necessarily agree with this one but he sits at #4 simply because it's actually a possibility.

What are your thoughts about Earth-2 Wally West possibly being Zoom?

Zoom being a force of nature is something I too have speculated on and it is possible. How all that dark matter energy coalesced into forming Zoom should be an interesting techno-babble though. \:\)

Hunter Zolomon could be Zoom, disfigured from the particle explosion and dark matter and gaining speed powers and going insane, etc.

Earth 2- Barry Allen is quite possible. They seem keen on bringing over doppelgangers from Earth 2, so we may get Earth 2 Iris, Joe, Cisco, Caitlyn and Barry and Barry-2 could be Zoom.

Parallel worlds, the more things change the more they stay the same. Earth 2 Barry could have become Zoom and have been evil even before becoming Zoom.

Earth 2 _Henry Allen : not likely but an interesting way to get John Wesley Shipp back into costume. \:\)

I have also posited in my recent review that they may give us a hat trick regarding Killer Frost in that it will be Earth 2 Caitlyn showing up as Killer Frost and hunting Barry.

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