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Subj: Re: What if Zoom turns out to be Earth-2 Harrison Wells?
Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 at 06:54:10 am GMT (Viewed 573 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What if Zoom turns out to be Earth-2 Harrison Wells?
Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 at 06:22:21 pm GMT (Viewed 556 times)

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    Hope not. We had Wells/Thawne as Reverse Flash in Season 1.


    While Cisco's rather humorously expressed opinion of Earth 2 Wells is quite accurate, the fact that Wells 2 is a "prick" does not automatically make him a super villain.

Good. \:\)

    IF he is Zoom, his act so far is quite good, however unless he is schizoid and is Zoom and doesn't know it, he isn't Zoom as his daughter is shown to be Zoom's captive.

That poor daughter.

    Earth 2 Henry Allen, John Wesley Shipp leaving at the start of the season finishes the "must save my Dad" arc and gets him mostly out of the fans minds thus making it a good way for us to NOT think Earth 2 Henry could be Zoom. Shipp has stated he doesn't want to wear the uncomfortable suits again, however money does talk and stunt doubles and CGI can do wonders these days. It could be a stunt double in the running and fight scenes and then Shipp in unmasked closeups. So it IS possible that Earth 2 Henry is Zoom.

For me, it's not even remotely possible Henry is Zoom.

    However Earth 2 is so far home to evil counterparts of Earth 1 characters. Well perhaps not "evil" but some of them definitely aren't that nice. So Earth 2 henry Allen is a maybe, but Earth 2 BARRY Allen seems more plausible to me. It would be interesting to see Barry vs Dark Barry and see what an evil Barry could do. Barry is retrained by his morality, Zoom isn't.

Agreed. \:\)

    Also, I find it puzzling that no one at Star Labs seems to remember the time when Barry in Season 1 had his energy drained and was human again until they found a way to jump start/recharge his powers and he came back stronger then before. Surely such a treatment could recharge JAY GARRICK? Or if Barry summmons up some speed force energy like when he revived Cisco and gives Jay a jolt surely THAT would recharge Jay?

That is odd, but I'm actually kinda glad Jay didn't get his powers back. The show already has one speedster. It doesn't need two of them. Bad enough fake Wally is gonna show up soon.

More speedsters were inevitable, whether it is Wally or Johnny Quick, Jesse Quick, or Jay Garrick, or Zoom or Reverse Flash.

As to Zoom being Earth 2 Henry Allen, it is possible albeit unlikely that will be the case. However Shipp leaving at the start of the Season would be a clever misdirect as fans think Shipp is off the show for some time now and not suspect him.

Also at the moment I would give a greater probability of Zoom being Earth 2 Henry or Barry Allen of Earth 2 then I would Wells of Earth 2.

I keep Eddie Thawn on the list but he is at the bottom. The man was DEAD, Reverse Flash was erased and though it was a time storm, it manifest as a black hole/singularity that was going to suck in the cosmos and reform the time line. Reference the end of Season 2 of Beast Wars as a precedent for a such a storm when PRedacon Megatron fatally wounds the inert Optimus Prime.

Eddie Thawne's body was more then likely destroyed rather then reanimated and cast to Earth 2 to become Zoom. So far as we know from what has been said it was the Earth 2 particle accelerator that created their metas including ZOOM.

Zoom being a force of energy/nature.....well perhaps. But what would have been the catalyst for dark matter/speed force energy to coalesce into a humanoid speedster? Eddie Thawne's body? Not likely as the portal was forming on Earth 2 as Zoom was about to kill Jay Garrick, and they had both existed for 2 years prior to the portals forming.

So unless time has played a major wild card and cast Eddie Thawn 2 years into Earth 2's past and reanimated him as Zoom,......nah. Just can't see it happening.

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