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    1. Barry does not appear to be siphoned by Zoom but IS affected by the slow down drug. Catilyn and Cisco commented to Barry that he was still healing fast after he awoke from the pounding Zoom gave him. I suspect that spinal trauma can be regenerated but will take longer with the serum in affect.


    2. So now Team Flash knows Zoom has Wells 2's daughter.


    3. Zoom is clearly faster then Barry for the moment and does not appear affected by the serum, at least not yet.

Hopefully, it'll be a factor later on that allows Barry to win. We all know Barry regains his speed.

    4. Barry pursues his relationship with Patty. he might as well unmask to her well as Linda.

Yeah, Patty should know Barry is the Flash. It might give her something more meaningful to do.

    5. Patty is getting suspicous of Joe and Barry over the lack of pursuit of Dr Light.

Towards Joe, yes. A little. But I didn't see any evidence Patty was suspicious of Barry.

    6. I suspect that the slow down serum will soon be REVERSED into the SPEED FORMULA. They will need to counter it in Barry's bloodstream to restore his full power so he can heal. Thus this serum will restore Jay Garrick's power and later be taken by Wells 2's daughter as we learn her name is indeed Jesse Quick.

She isn't Jesse Quick, she is Jesse Wells ands the daughter of Johnny Quick not Dr. Wells.

    So that is likely how Jay gets his speed back and I predict that we will have the TWO Flashes vs. Zoom, something that Zoom may not be expecting. Wells 2's daughter may join in the fight as a speedster or become one to help Earth 2 and fight alongside Jay when he returns.

Man I hope not. I say let Flash beat Zoom on his own. That was such a cop out last season. Instead of Barry beating Reverse Flash, Eddie beat him by killing himself. The Hero should win not a plot device.

    Now WHY Cisco and Caitlyn don't try to restore jay's power like they did in Season 1 when Barry was drained is odd..... but it leaves the door open for the Speed Formula to be brought in.

Indeed. My thought was that Barry can be faster than Zoom by taking the speed formula and thus beating him.

    hm, I just remember that in the original 90's series when Barry time jumped to the future by accident, Tina McGee created what was basically the speed formula to jolt Barry's powers back so he could get home.....

Really going to have to watch that show...

    We also learn in Flashbacks to Earth 2 that Robert Queen is the ARROW and that Oliver died when the boat sank. We also learn from what Wells tells his daughter that sometimes in science if you don't have the key you kick in the door, so it is likely that Wells was researching the concept of the multiverse and used the particle accelerator to rip open the door to the multiverse and made all the Earth 2 meta's and Zoom in the process.


    ZOOM's identity is still unknown. Wells 2 seems certain there is a man in that suit, the others think of him as a monster.

I believe the quote was, "Was human." So, we know Zoom "was" human. Past tense. He's not human anymore.

    No revisions to the ZOOM suspect list at this time, though Wells 2 definitely appears to not be ZOOM, I still have my theory that Wells 2 was split in 2 by his particle accelerator explosion and what came from Wells 2 became ZOOM.

And thus be, in essence, a repeat of the season 1 big bad? Not likely. \:\)

Go back to approx 6:40 as Jesse leaves her father, Wells 2 calls her Jesse Quick.

Perhaps she is adopted by Wells and doesn't know it?

As to Barry needing to restore Jay's powers and team with him, I have no major problem with that. Barry is faster then Jay but Jay can still give an assist in the fight. Yes Barry is the Flash but he is also a bit of a rookie still.

As to Reverse Flash in Season 1, the only logical way to stop him since Barry wasn't up to the task was for something to happen to Eddie and the only thing would have been death. They could have tried to shoot RF from behind in that last fight but there is no guarantee that RF wouldn't have dodge or blocked the attacks.

as to ZOOM not being human any more, strictly speaking all metas are not "human" anymore but are meta-humans. Everything's relative.

Zoom may not be a split from Wells and may be someone else completely, but I am leaving the Wells divided by the particle explosion theory open for now.