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I LOVE having the Reverse Flash back

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It has been a long wait for the Flash to return and it returns with a bang or in this case, a nightmare. It starts off good and romantic but then Zoom comes along and drops Patty Spivott off the side of a tall building. And I was like, “Why isn’t Barry trying to save her?!” I got my answer when Barry woke up. And thus, the theme of the episode is set.

And yet another plan to slow down Zoom with a man called ‘The Turtle’ and Flash goes after him knowing FULL well what the Turtle is capable of. The attempt to stop the Turtle ends badly when the Flash is not fast enough to even catch him. I call this a very, VERY stupid moment for Barry because he should have known better.

I am really starting to hate Jay Garrick. At first he was great, then it’s revealed he might have been able to stop Zoom but was too afraid. And throughout this season, he could be working with Team Flash to get his speed back and he doesn’t even try to work with them to get his speed back, thinking it’s pointless to do so. It’s true, he’s a scientist and ran many tests but not even he has tried everything. Jay gives up too easily!

To some people, Barry’s intent to tell Patty is the Flash might be a little aggravating since nearly everyone knows he’s the Flash now, but given the context of his relationship with Patty it makes perfect sense. And besides, Patty SHOULD know Barry’s secret. During the course of this season, Patty has really grown as a character and she deserves to know the truth.

Taking Patty out for a date while trying to capture a meta-human is...well, questionable. But given Barry’s intent, maybe not. But it’s not the date that interested me here, it’s the nice scene Cisco shares with Harry and how Zoom got his nickname. More scenes like this please!

Then round 2 with the Turtle happens and the Flash barely saves Patty from being smashed by a chandelier. This is the perfect way to ruin a date and a great reason never to bring your work into your dating life. Barry, you had better learn this lesson very quickly. And here I thought for sure that Zoom was the one to kidnap Patty and not the Turtle. Shame on you showrunners by making a trailer that was nothing but a mislead, shame on you.

And Barry was too late to tell Patty he was the Flash and ended up losing her in the end. Idiot. But aside from Barry’s idiocy, I’m glad I was wrong in my prediction that Patty would come to a bad end. This leaves things open for her potential return in the future. Maybe we will see her again. I hope so, I really like the character.

And then the bombshell at the end of the episode. Gideon calls him “Dr. Stien.” and not Dr. Thawne. So, if this is not Eobard Thawne, then how and why does he look EXACTLY like Thawne?! Either way, bringing back the Reverse Flash is a mistake and I was really hoping the news I was getting about his return was false. Here’s hoping this man is from an alternate reality because if he isn’t, he’s then a paradox existing in time and that is even more of a headache to deal with. A headache this show really doesn’t need.

And after doing a bit of research it has been confirmed that this IS THE Reverse Flash that got erased from existence. The showrunners BETTER have a PLAUSIBLE reason for this because he SHOULD NOT EXIST!! He was very clearly ERASED from the timeline and without Eddie being alive, then the Thawne family cannot be alive in the future and THUS REVERSE FLASH CANNOT POSSIBIBLY EXIST!


All in all, a great episode. It loses one star because of the bombshell in the end and Barry's idiocy with Patty. I give this episode 4 out of 5 stars.


1. Fake Wally is a dick. I’m glad he didn’t see much screen time in this episode. Had I been Joe, I would have arrested his butt for street racing.

2. Had I been Barry, I would have told Patty I was the Flash to try and get her to stay.


1. Cisco quotes from Moby Dick.


1. Alright, when did Patty make Detective? Did I zone out and miss her promotion in a previous episode?

2. Reverse Flash makes his return, which is a MAJOR Pardox that should NOT exist!

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I understand Barry's reluctance to tell Patty he is the Flash. Especially with Dr. Wells whispering in his ear.

I REALLY like the Reverse Flash. I am so happy he is back. I was also confused as to why Gideon referred to him as "Dr. Stein." Nonetheless, next week we have three speedsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO LOOKING foreward to that episode.

I also wonder why Jay has not done more to get his speed back. He seems to be afraid of having it back . . .

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