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Here's an interesting point, not related to the above as such, but interesting. I was watching reruns of series 1 over the New year and one of the final episodes had a scene between team-flash as they discuss Wells/Reverse-Flash and his manipulation, and... incredibly... they all admit to being fully aware that this is an alternate timeline they live in!

That level of awareness struck me. They know Reverse-Flash altered time by killing Barry's mother and recreating the Flash himself via the particle accelerator 'accident', so on top of being an alternate/altered timeline team-flash are now dealing with the disruptive effect of the singularity and its resultant doorways to Earth-2, and possibly other worlds. With such a timeline that is now different to the original the way is open for there to be alternate Eobard Thawnes no? Yes Eddie was the descendant of Eobard, but what if there is now more than one timeline? Such as the one that the 'original' adult Flash and time-travelling Eobard came from? We still have no idea where adult original Flash went to after all when he fled the house and left Eobard. It does seem to me there is a bigger plot at work here, that all of this time-travelling and altering is connected somehow. Ediie may have survived by passing through the wormhole and having help on the other side, but on the other hand what if the Singularity opened the way for other timelines to connect to the present, just as it connected to Earth-2...?

Well, no. Probobly not. I'm just fishing for alternatives. But either way I thought the admission of the cast that they know they are in an altered timeline and history is not what it once was was an extraordinary moment. The Flash is a series that embraces  the comics to such a degree that even the most convoluted of plots such as this are not out of bounds.

That this is Reverse Flash of Earth 1 from earlier in the time line.

This is the RF from BEFORE he at some future point decides to kill kid Barry and ends up killing Barry's mom and then having to absorb and kill Wells and create the particle accelerator to create the Flash again and so on.

Now the big problem that the writers really need to look at is that REverse Flash should NOT EXIST AT ALL in any part of the Earth 1 time stream. Eddie Thawne was shown to be the direct linear ancestor of RF.

Eddie Thawne puts a bullet through his OWN HEART to END the Reverse Flash. The Time Stream immediately began to change by having RF lose his Wells DNA disguise and then disintegrate/erase from existence which in turn created the singularity/TIME STORM that Flash and Firestorm negated.

Eddie was sucked into and consumed by the singularity. It would take some SERIOUS comic book physics/magic/defiance of probability to have Eddie still alive after that.

The ONLY way I can see Eddie alive is that the time line was partially revised by the aborted time storm and that the revision somehow restored Eddie. However I find this to be very unlikely.

Also I doubt the storm revived him or that he was brought to someone who could save given that he blew his own heart out at point blank range with his own gun.

However it has been stated in assorted fictions over the years that sometimes TIME itself is not that mutable and that somethings cannot NOT exist, they must exist and they shall exist. Change a fixed point or event in time and the paradox effect would be bad yet also the fixed point would be revised rather then erased.

Examples: Doc 10 in Waters of Mars alters the fixed point in history by saving the Mars explorers yet ends up slightly revising their fates rather then erasing the whole event.

All 13 known versions of the Doctor go back and successfully REVISE the end of the Time War by saving Gallifrey rather then Gallifrey being nuked by the War Doctor. Gallifrey is still gone, Daleks get wiped out and the war ends with everyone but Doc 11, 12 and above knowing the truth.

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