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    Eddie was sucked into and consumed by the singularity. It would take some SERIOUS comic book physics/magic/defiance of probability to have Eddie still alive after that.

And yet you must now accept that Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash surviving being retroactively erased from reality is no less an unlikely proposition...? A paradox even?

Eddie surviving is just my theory, a logical way of explaining how history remained unaltered for Barry and how the Reverse-Flash can have rebounded from non-existence as a result of Eddie's self-sacrifice. The point I must make about the Singularity is that it is an incorrect assumption to think that Eddie's body was surely annihilated by the Singularity when the same episode shows Jay's helmet make the crossing and next season shows Jay himself followed it through during his clash with Zoom.
The Singularity is a wormhole, a transport tunnel, we see Grodd shoved through one of the residual portals where he ends up in Gorrila City on Eartth-2. Is it really so far fetched to think Eddie's body ends up in a similar place as Grodd or Ronnie Raymond and is revived by the people who find it...?

In this show this would be perfectly possible. \(yes\)

maybe the earth has been totally rebooted, with a new time line then?

And maybe Vandal savage somehow became aware and involved in this from the Future then?

And maybe the ultimate paradox will be that the RF alone can stop Zoom, and thus save the day, but will not end of killign his mom, so thus no Flash?

And how does Savage future, and Crisis event 2024 factor into all of this then?