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A return that by all rights should not be able to happen but it is.

RF has arrived and he is from an earlier point in his own personal timeline from before he kills Barry's mom. He has pinpointed that this is the era where the FLASH comes from.

Also Gideon is calling him Professor Thawne and did so at the end of last week's ep, not Stein. \:\)

Team Flash discovers Turtle is dead from a brain aneurysm and Jay suspects Wells.

Patti asks Barry for some forensic data about the crashing truck that Flash stopped.

She tries to talk to him, Barry states he will not stand in her career's way.

Joe enters and tells them that Francine's time is running out.

Wells is secretly researching a plan and he and Cisco bicker as usual.

Cisco meets him in the Time Vault, but Wells approaches him from behind dressed as REVERSE FLASH. He tells him that adrenaline/fear helps trigger his power. It works and he vibes on the REVERSE FLASH and he knows that RF is in town. He then decks Flash with ease and leaves with Tina McGee.

RF attacks Mercury Labs, confronts Tina McGee and Flash intercepts him. He addresses him by name which surprises RF, RF then states that he now knows when FLash is from and that soon Flash will die.

At Star Labs, they talk about how RF can still exist. Wells postulates that RF was trapped in the speed force which shielded him and his timeline, thus RF is a Time Remnant due to the fact that he comes from the future and has not gone back to attempt to kill Barry's mom, thus he is a Timeline Remnant.......and I am not buying that. Eddie was his ancestor and Eddie is dead, RF was erased from the here and now and the ripple effect should have erased him from the future. IF RF was in the Speed Force at the time, then he might have been shielded but should have been erased once he emerged. He is a walking Time Paradox that should not exist.

Joe asks if RF dies again here and now if that will save Barry's mom, Wells states that Barry's mom is dead, and her death is a fixed point in time and cannot be changed. Nice Dr Who terminology usage and also would be correct. The paradox effect of saving Barry's mom is too dangerous and all the ramifications cannot be computed.

Caitlyn tells Barry that Jay is dying and suggests that if they find his Earth 1 counterpart they could do some cell transplants. ( HOW ABOUT VELOCITY 6 OR RECHARGING HIM LIKE THEY DID WITH BARRY IN SEASON ONE!!!!!!)

RF shows Tina a tachyon generator and she comments how someone in a yellow suit last year stole the tachyon prototype thus RF now knows more of his personal future. He wants her to accelerate the tachyons for him.

Joe and Iris visit Francine. Iris has a heart to heart with her and forgives her.

Caitlyn and Barry work at his lab at Police HQ, and Patti comes in to talk to him. They talk and she leaves, he still doesn't tell her he is the FLASH

Wells modifies Cisco's goggles to enhance and control his VIBE powers.
The goggles work and Cisco is in full vibe mode and begins to home in on Reverse Flash. he sees Tina finishing the machine and RF killing her before he uses it to leave.

After they discuss it, it turns out that Cisco vibed on the future and that Tina is still alive. Cisco vows to name his goggles.

Joe chats with Patti. She mentions to him that he never told her about Star Labs and how she researched Barry's old case files all of which involve the Flash and have details that Barry shouldn't have known unless....Barry is the FLASH. Joe tries to talk her out of that idea but fails.

Iris chats with Wally.

Caitlyn checks with Barry, Barry states there is no Earth 1 Jay.

Joe arrives and tells him that Patti knows. Barry still refuses to tell her, they then get a tachyon alert and Barry zips off.

Tina tells RF the machine is ready and he moves to kill her but Barry arrives just in time to save her and damages the machine. RF screams that was his way home and Barry tells him he isn't going anywhere.

They speak and then the chase is on. RF keeps just ahead of Barry at first then Barry tackles him and Barry tells RF that RF isn't fast enough and that he will never lose to RF again and starts to use terminal force on RF until Joe tells him to stop. Barry barely restrains himself and they contain RF in the pipeline. Note: this RF was not using external power sources to boost his speed like the RF of Season 1 did, ergo this RF may not be faster then Barry but is still more experienced with their mutual powers.

Wells warn Barry to not let RF know WHO he is under the mask as the ramifications to the timeline are incalculable.

Barry is not satisfied then gets a call and leaves.
Cisco gets a nose bleed.
Caitlyn chats with Jay. She tells him that he has no doppelganger on Earth 1. Jay tells her to meet him later and he will explain things.

Cisco chats with RF and asks him where he got the suit and ring.

RF wants to know who he is, Cisco tells him his name and that he is the one that knew RF was back and that it was his help that enabled his captured. Cisco then tells RF that RF gave him his powers....and then leaves him to rot in the cell that he helped Cisco build. He then leaves and his nose bleeds some more.....

Barry goes to Patti and they talk. She confronts him and outs him as the FLASH. Barry insists he isn't, she tells him if he tells her that she would say. Barry refuses and she cries and leaves.

Barry goes to speak to RF, he stands in the shadows but is NOT wearing his mask.

RF tells him how he duplicated the incident and gained his powers. he then time traveled and saw that his fate was to be his greatest enemy and thus he couldn't be the Flash but became the Reverse Flash. Barry then states that is why RF killed his mother was because he couldn't be the FLASH!?!? RF then tells him he knows the time period Flash is from and will soon learn his name.

Cisco is in the infirmary having seizures. They sedate him and he starts to fade away...Wells then states it is the timeline, that catching RF is changing the timeline and Cisco is the first to be affected. Wells tells Barry to return RF to the future, Barry refuses but Joe tells him he has to. Wells tells him that Barry's speed can combine with RF to send him home.

Wells confronts RF and tells him they will send him home. Wells tells him he is no one of consequence and RF doubts that. Wells warns Barry this is where and when Thawne learns of them all including Wells and Star Labs and that this IS Thawne's origin story and that they cannot stop this. They have to send RF home.

RF tells him they will meet again and Barry assures him that he will be ready.

They begin to race around the particle accelerator until Barry tosses him into the time warp.

Cisco stabilizes. Barry is glad Cisco is safe but not happy about RF.

Jay and Cisco walk in a park and Jay tells her he too failed to find his other self and after some searching he found his other self, HUNTER ZOLOMAN. BTW: in the comics wasnt Hunter Zoloman the name of ZOOM?

Hunter's mom died in childbirth and he was adopted into the Zoloman family and that his DNa was altered and thus his Earth 1 counterpart's DNA cannot help

Wally tells Iris he will visit his mother.

At Star LAbs, Cisco awakes and they are all happy.

Joe gives Barry a pep talk. Barry gets a call from Patti and she tells him there is a man with a gun on the train she is on. He gets to the train and there is no gunman. patti tells him it was a false alarm and thanks him for getting there so fast. Thus Patti knows for sure and she is happy as she leaves town.

Has anyone noticed that Reverse Flash never runs without his cowl on? I also noticed that once the cowl goes on the red eyes light up. So . . . does RF have to have the cowl on (his speed does not activate until the cowl is over his head) in order to have his superspeed? In the comics did Eobard coat his costume with the replicated chemical mixture or is the chemical mixture part of his chemistry/DNA/was ingested?

I replayed the last scene from last week many many times. Gideon definitely says "Professor Stein." I was hoping this RF would be heroic and would team up with Barry to defeat Zoom. Oh well . . .

Pardon my ignorance but . . . can someone tell me how, in the comic book, Wally gets his superspeed?

I must say that I have really enjoy watching Tom Cavanagh's performances of both Eobard Thawne/Dr. Wells and Earth 2 Dr. Wells. He certainly still maintains that sinister underbelly that is so compelling.

Finally, where is the Earth 2 RF? My understanding of last nights episode was the RF shown was a RF from Earth Prime in the future.

Time paradoxes always give me a headache . . .

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