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    She is leaving due to:

    1. her life goal was to avenger her father, mission accomplished.

    2. she wants to train to be CSI and not be a field detective any longer.

    3. being kidnapped and nearly killed by Turtle likely helped motivate her decision

    4. Barry isn't being honest with her about being the Flash

    5. She has figured it out via the case files, which I suspect Barry will soon edit a bit.

    6. Barry wants her to pursue her goals and not be in her way, both as boyfriend and as the Flash.

    7. Barry doesn't want to put her at risk. A noble sentiment that I can agree with to an extent. By all rights though he should sever all ties to Star Labs and Joe but they are so intertwined with Barry and his activities that it would be impossible. Also ZOOM knows of Star Labs and its people already.

    I would also point out that ZOOM may know of Patti and given his speed she is still likely in the crosshairs already.

I agree she might still be in Zoom's crosshairs. Barry is hoping that Zoom thinks he doesn't love her.

Thinking about the muddle of the whole thing. Patty said that she knew he was the Flash and that she was fine with it, so Barry clearly rejected her and didn't explain why to her. Talk about mixed signals. He tells her he loves her but also that he can't be with her. Maybe she understands why the Flash doesn't want anyone to get close.

Looking at it purely from looking at story arcs and the series as a whole I'd say the storyline was a disaster. You made the audience prefer a short time love interest over the longtime one (Iris). You went over the same ground that your sister show, the Green Arrow, covered over and over again (you can't be a hero and be in a relationship). And how is this going to inform the hero of the series? Is Barry really going to be celibate for the rest of the series? I HIGHLY doubt it. And he isn't the type to have casual sex. So they are just going to cover the same ground with his next relationship. And like Knight keeps saying, it makes him look like kind of an a$$.