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Subj: Re: The Flash “The Reverse Flash Returns” and it’s a mistake *SPOILERS*
Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 at 11:12:09 am GMT (Viewed 4 times)
Reply Subj: The Flash “The Reverse Flash Returns” and it’s a mistake *SPOILERS*
Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 at 04:50:47 pm GMT (Viewed 298 times)

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Barry can be ironic sometimes because he opens this episode with a narrative of running from a decision and he is right, he is running from the decision of telling Patty Spivott he is the Flash when he had SEVERAL opportunities to do so but didn’t. Guess what that constant hesitation has has cost him? Happiness. Barry is turning out to be just as much as an idiot as Clark Kent was in Smallville. And frankly, Barry deserves NOT to be happy because of his idiot decision not to tell Patty he is the Flash. The writers would do very well to learn from the mistakes of Smallville and never repeat them here in this excellent show and this is one such mistake that should never be repeated.

I cannot reiterate this enough but this article explains it far better than I can: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/the-flash/the-flash-why-the-reverse-flas-58433.aspx?ref=yfp

I am sorry, but the explanation the showrunners are attempting to give us about how Eobard is still alive is extremely weak! “A timeline remnant...he is from the future, so his timeline begins...” Sorry showrunners, that is a very, VERY, poor explanation because Eddie Thawne KILLED HIMSELF! A man who was Eobard Thawne’s ancestor so I don’t care where Eobard came from, he should be DEAD, erased from existence, done, finished! Apparently, the showrunners expect the audience to play dumb, nod their heads and just accept this. Sorry, but I will not because it’s a terrible explanation that makes no sense considering the evidence. Is this honestly the best the showrunners can come up with?!

Enough of that. Moving on...

Iris finally forgives her Mom for leaving her and Joe, but regrets that she barely knows her and Fake Wally is not there and Mommy dearest is far more understanding than I am about it. The scene accomplishes it’s purpose and works very well. It’s sad the B story is better than the A story in this episode, though.

Cisco gets a pair of cool new shades that can help him vibe at anytime. This is a useful ability that should not be over used or over powered. I keep waiting for Cisco’s powers to grow but either the writers don’t plan to do that or they are taking their time about it. Either way, it’s a good thing since the last thing this show needs is someone who can potentially overshadow Barry.

And Reverse Flash returns to his own time, the time breaking paradox that he has turned out to be and a pretty big one that is impossible to suspend disbelief with.

I don’t have much to say about this episode, it was full of mistakes, some big and some small. It was written merely because the writers felt a need to tell us more of Eobard’s story when his story ended in the last season. And then Barry’s idiot choices with Patty couple with Iris’s forgiveness towards her mother made this a terrible episode with only one redeeming quality. A shame that redeeming quality didn’t manage to save this episode from how horrible it turned out to be.

1 out of 5 stars.


1. Alright, perhaps I misheard Gideon from the last episode and maybe I did not hear “Dr. Stien” but “Dr. Thawne” instead. That new actress playing Gideon needs to enunciate her words better.

2. Earth-2 Dr. Wells is pretty smart, beating Einstein’s riddle when he was ten.

3. Harry seems to be making a little progress with his Turtle research.

4. Alright, if Patty can figure out Barry is the Flash simply by reading the cases he was involved with, anyone can. Barry needs to update those files or erase them.

5. Barry beats the Reverse Flash, so why couldn’t he do this in the season 1 finale?!

6. Wow, what a bombshell! Earth-Prime Jay Garrick is actually Hunter Zolomon! He has just moved to the top of my list on who Zoom could be and Eddie Thawne moves down to #2.

7. Goodbye Patty Spivott, you will be missed. You are what Iris West should have been.


1. The Reverse Flash has returned and the showrunners have failed to make sense of it or properly explain it.

2. Barry is an idiot and didn’t tell Patty he is the Flash. Let her make her own decision if she wishes to stay, Barry! How arrogant and presumptuous of you to make the choice for her.

3. Just after Eobard says, “Catch me if you can.” And the Flash runs after him, if you watch closely some of those CGI scenes are from the very first season when Barry tried to catch the Reverse Flash. Sloppy.

4. Harry goes out for Big Belly Burger and...he expects that he won’t be recognized and arrested?! Come on. Just how sloppy can the writing get in this episode?!

Thought that the RF explanation did though maje some sense, as he would be coming in from outside that particular time line, a she would have not yet even arrived into the past, so sort of a dr who rerasoning, as it is predestined that RF will kill off barry mom, that barry would be the flash, and that he would have in a sense actually created RF himself!

And just how did barry manage to defeat RF so easily?

he never seemed to be as fast , nor as powerful as him, as RF actuallty was in the Speed force?

And wasn't jay's E1 version actually one of the Zooms in the Comics then?

So maybe that is why jay afraid to get his power back, as he will cause either Zoom to happen on E1, or somehow part of Zoom from E2?

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