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Subj: Re: Why Jay cannot possibly be Zoom
Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 at 06:43:26 pm GMT (Viewed 5 times)
Reply Subj: Why Jay cannot possibly be Zoom
Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 at 05:56:24 pm GMT (Viewed 241 times)

    1. Jay isn't exactly making an effort to get his speed back.

Why does he need to make the effort? Harrison is covering that angle by siphoning power from Barry...which we saw this very episode.

    2. Jay was also seen fighting Zoom. They can't possibly be the same person. Harry even makes comments about Jay fighting Zoom. And Harry is the one that created Zoom, so if Jay was Zoom he would have said as much and he hasn't.

There are two people who look like Jay. Jay and Hunter. So that explains
Why Jay can be in two places at once.

    3. Correction, Jay performed a scientific experiment and got powers from that. He says as much to Caitlin I believe and his origin is very much in line with the comics. He even fell asleep. Harry had nothing to do with it. If you can, re-watch that episode.

Jay says Wells is inadvertently responsible for creating ALL the metahumans on Earth-2 for the past 2 years (and he uses the phrase "you created all of us metas"). Ergo that experiment Jay ran was affected due to the dark matter leaking from Earth-2 Star Lab.

    4. Yes, in order to BEAT Zoom. But those training sessions have ended haven't they? So, if Jay really was Zoom, those training sessions would still continue.

And for all we know they will whenever Barry returns from Earth-2.

    5. No trace of the Speed Force? And yet you believe Jay is Zoom? How much proof do you need that tells you Jay is not Zoom? This is more than enough proof right here all by itself.

You saw Jay has a double who doesn't have powers right? And has the name of a super villain from the comics. One has powers the other doesn't. They're in cahoots.

    6. Indeed, but this is not proof Jay is Zoom, otherwise Hunter would DEAD since Earth-2 counterparts kill their Earth-Prime doubles.
    7. So? The actor is a guest star not part of the main cast.

You're still not getting it (like on a couple of levels). The only reason Earth-2 doubles go after their Earth-1 selves is because Zoom hires them to do so. It's not because they have some sort of imperative to kill their other selves. So if Jay and Hunter are working together as Zoom then no they're (obviously) not working against each other.

I mean I thought the post of mine you responded to explained the idea that Hunter and Jay are working together. If you don't agree with the idea that's fine. But I don't get why you don't understand what it means if they were indeed working together. Your notion that Jay and Hunter would hypothetically kill each other as proof that they can't be working together baffles me frankly. (maybe you hit respond before reading the whole post I don't know)

    Sorry, way too many things run against this theory.

I haven't seen one yet. I mean honestly...give me a real good reason why it can't be true.


      So to put it all together...this is all sleight of hand. Jay and Hunter are in cahoots (or Hunter is controlling Jay). One has powers the other doesn't. Any tests ran on Jay were really ran on Hunter. Anytime Jay and Zoom are in the same place Hunter is pretending to be Jay.

    That is a HUUUGE assumption and there is zero proof to prove it. Sorry, but until I see that proof, Jay is not Zoom and Hunter is not working with Jay.

Hide and watch.

    If Jay is Zoom, and he's not, that would fly into the face of comic book fans everywhere. Jay is a hero not a villain.

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