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Episode opens with Wells2 making preparations to head back to Earth 2, while Team Flash closes all the portals but the one in Star Labs.

Barry heads to dinner with Joe and Iris, he reveals he has NOT told Henry Allen that he is going to Earth 2 as he feels he would talk Barry out of it.

Iris speaks to Barry about things and why he is going to Earth 2.
Barry assures her he is happy living on Earth 1, he loves his family and he is not escaping, etc.

Cisco, Wells2, and Barry go through the portal after Jay briefs them on things on Earth 2. Barry tells them that if they aren't back in 48 hours to close the breach. They say their goodbyes and go into the portal after a final warning from Jay.

The dimension travel shows them some things like a Legion ring, the current Supergirl and even an image of John wesley Shipp from the 90's Flash TV series!

This means that since Barry will meet Supergirl that he will be dimension running in the future AND that we may get to see the Legion at some point AND that the 90's Flash TV series may now be integrated into the Arrow/Flash universe as being on an alternate Earth, or else it was just a cool easter egg. Though IF they can persuade Shipp to suit up again, perhaps Barry may yet team up with the 90's TV Flash....anyway I digress and there is no point in speculating on that concept at this time.

Also the dimensional travel felt a bit reminiscent of SLIDERS.

After they leave, or course the portal overloads and is now unstable until they can repair the equipment. They speculate that closing the other portals caused this.

Cisco makes a 2001 reference about opening his third eye after they arrive. Cisco and Barry are indeed overwhelmed and excited as they look around at the STAR LABS of Earth 2. They meet the Earth 2 version of Henry Hewitt who is a good person working at Star Labs.

They catch up on recent news: there is a 9PM curfew due to ZOOM, and that they mayor of the city is named...SNART!

Cisco tries to vibe in on ZOOM with the new goggles.....but they are not working at first. Turns out the Earth 2 frequency is different from Earth 1 and Cisco's powers are blocked. Barry2 is shown as a CSI detective. Barry brings Barry2 to Star Labs and Barry2 is quite surprised and glad to meet Wells2. Barry2 is flipping out with excitement and Barry tasers him. Barry intends to impersonate Barry2 to get Zoom data from the cops.

Barry arrives dressed as Barry2 at police HQ, he sees Captain Singh on earth 2 is a villain. Deadshot is an ordinary cop and is the worst shot in the department. Barry2 is married to Iris2 it turns out and is a detective, Barry of course learns about the marriage in a humorous way.....Iris2' metahuman app detects Barry as a meta, but she thinks it is malfunctioning. Iris2 then takes Barry to their home.

We learn that Caitlyn2 is KILLER FROST and Ronnie2 is DEATHSTORM and they work as enforcers for ZOOM! They also love each other of course. Deathstorm is also immune to Killer Frost's icy kiss of death. They go to find the ones that breached the portal.

Iris2 and Barry arrive at home, Barry is dumbfounded about things and also learns his MOM LIVES ON EARTH 2, we also get a nice Justice League Easter Egg on Barry's phone. Barry speaks to Nora2, she mentions Atlantis as they speak. Barry is floored at the idea of speaking to his mom again.... Iris2 doesnt' seem to suspect the switch despite Barry's odd behavior.

Wells2 and Cisco converse about things. Cisco wonders about what is Earth2 self must be like. Wells2 encourages Cisco to keep hunting for Zoom.

We see the coffee shop on Earth 2 is a restaurant where Joe2 sings. Turns out Joe2 doesn't seem too fond of Barry2 due to Iris2 being a detective due to Barry2 being selfish, etc etc. Iris2 tries to defuse the situation.

On Earth 1, Jay and Cailtyn are trying to fix the portal gear and speed cannon. Joe alerts them to a metahuman: GeoMancer! Geomancer is hunting the Flash and is calling him out. Jay refuses to take Velocity 6 again, Joe reminds him that Barry is helping Earth 2.

Jay and Caitlyn talk, Jay recaps how he got his speed and how he felt he wasn't fast enough and tried to boost his powers....with Velocity 6! However there were side effects which is why he never wanted Team Flash to learn of it or Barry to use it. Turns out the Velocity 6 formula is apparently what has stripped Jay of his speed and made him ill. Caitlyn however offers to figure things out and work on the formula.

Back on Earth 2, Barry talks to Iris2 about Joe2. Everyone's meta human app goes off and Killer Frost and Deathstorm arrive on the scene. They are hunting for the universe breachers. Iris2 attempts to arrest them, Barry calls KF by her name: Caitlyn which gets her attention. he tries to talk her down but fails. Joe2 takes a blast meant for Iris2, Barry then takes KF and DS outside and reveals he is the Flash.

Barry fights them and uses a helmet from a statue of Jay to reflect a Deathstorm blast back into Killer Frost. They escape and Barry returns to Iris2/Joe2. Barry confers with Cisco and Wells2. Wells2 is not pleased. Wells2 reminds him that Team Flash is safe on Earth 1 and that the people he met are reflections to him and that they need to save his daughter. Barry leave to help the West2's and Wells2 tells Cisco to keep looking for ZOOM.

On Earth 1, Joe confers with the Captain about Geomancer. Wally visits and Geomancer attacks.

On Earth2 Joe2 isn't doing too well. Joe2 speaks with Barry and Iris2 for a bit and how much he loves her, etc etc. He tells Barry to take care of her and then his monitors flatline.....Joe2 is dead......

Iris2 and Deadshot2 suit up to hunt the metahumans, Barry and Cisco arrive with a device that should shut down KF and DS. She wont let Barry come with them and intends to handle the device herself but Cisco insists that he come. Deadshot2 leaves with Iris2 and Cisco.

Earth 1 police face off against Geomancer who thinks the Flash is gone from the city. he then starts to cut loose with his power only to end up facing Jay Garrick, THE FLASH! Caitlyn has turned Velocity 6 into VELOCITY SEVEN and Jay is briefly recharged. Jay takes on Geomancer but the serum starts to wear off a bit too soon and Joe drives off Geomancer with a few well placed shots. Jay is relatively uninjured.

On Earth2, Cisco, Deadshot2 and Iris2 arrive at where DS and KF should be at, the metahuman detector shows they are there. KF and DS emerge form the shadows to fight. Turns out Deathstorm is indeed a fusion of Ronnie and Martin but Ronnie refuses to let Stein out and that Stein doesn't speak much anymore.... turns out that KF and DS work for someone else who is the one that works for ZOOM........EVIL CISCO!!!!

Cisco2 is called Reverb and his powers are bit more enhanced and practiced then Cisco's. Turns out Reverb was aware of the coming of Cisco and Flash before they even arrived. Reverb hints about how powerful Cisco truly is and hints that he could replace Zoom....Cisco makes a Cloud City/Vader reference. Reverb warns KF he can kill her with a thought then turns to Cisco who then calls for Barry who Flashes in.

Barry saves Iris2, Deadshot2 makes a feeble attempt to shoot Reverb while Flash takes on DS and KF. Reverb then uses his power to shoot Deadshot2 senseless. Barry is being beaten by Deathstorm and Reverb when ZOOM arrives and appears to kill Deathstorm. ZOOM speaks to REVERB about his plans for the FLash and how he needs him unharmed......then in a tribute to season 1 ZOOM VIBRATES HIS HAND INTO CISCO2 AND KILLS HIM. Zoom is pleased that KF knows her place and then takes Barry away. KF checks Deathstorm then runs away.

On Earth 1, Caitlyn tends to Jay's wounds and how she needs to turn Velocity 7 into Velocity 8 and Jay needs to get the portal back up and running.

Barry awakes and is a captive of ZOOM. ZOOM confronts Barry of course and assures him that he will never get out.... there is no evidence that Barry has been drained by ZOOM and likely isnt yet since ZOOM wants to "fatten" up Barry with speed force. Wells2 daughter is a fellow captive along with someone in a cell with a helmet on his head....Earth2 Diggle in his Spartan helmet perhaps?


Fantastic episode, good to see Jay powering up again. we also learn that Velocity 6 appears to be what cut off Jay's powers and made him terminally ill and not Zoom.....interesting. More likely a combination of Zoom and Velocity 6......

Many Easter Eggs and fun things on Earth 2 where many things are indeed the opposite of Earth 1 where some that are good are evil on Earth 2 and so on and so on.

Cisco gets a glimpse of his full power but with REVERB now being dead, he will have to learn the hard way about his powers.....unless REVERB somehow returns but I doubt it. I don't think Barry will do the time warp in this story.

They mention how the frequency of Earth 2 is a different vibrational frequency thus Cisco's powers and goggles aren't quite working yet. HOWEVER take note of the mention of frequency and how Earth 2 vibrates on another frequency.....going off my old memories of the old comics and the Challenge of the Superfriends, Flash was able to alter his own vibrations to both dimension travel and time will Barry in this show learn that same thing? Barry could easily be able to warp himself through the multiverse which would explain the future storyline of him meeting Supergirl as that will be on another Earth.

Now for an interesting thought, Supergirl is now part of the Arrow/Flash universe via an alternate Earth, and it appears that the 90's Flash TV series is also an alternate Earth does this mean that other DC comics shows like the Adam West Batman and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV show are now alternate Earths? Possible. However Barry visiting those earths and meeting those versions of the heroes would require some series CGI DE-AGING, stock footage and more CGI or else just new actors in the costumes which would like anger the fans despite the logic if time passing between those series and the current Flash series. Though they could borrow a note from the FRINGE TV series and have such a meeting occur in cartoon format (reference the episodes when they had to get Dr. Bell's spirit out of Olivia)

Also the Bruce Timm Batman/Superman/JLU/Batman Beyond universe could be an alternate Earth now in the Arrow/Flashverse.

But anyway, we should also take note that this episode makes it pretty clear that Jay Garrick is NOT ZOOM unless he really is being in two places at once and faking speed loss.....which I am skeptical of.


1. ZOOM is a monster born of Speed Force energy from the particle accelerator.

2. ZOOM is a molecular split from either Wells2 or Jay Garrick ala the good and evil Kirk's when the Transporter split Kirk.

3. Hunter Zolomon is not excluded, he could be hiding on Earth 1 as Hunter but really be ZOOM on Earth 2. Not impossible.

4. Okay so Barry Allen of Earth 2 does not appear to be ZOOM.....please take note of something: though Nora2 is alive and married....her husband, father of Barry2 was NOT mentioned by name. Henry Allen I would presume.....but Henry Allen was not mentioned or seen as of yet on Earth he ZOOM? Henry Allen of Earth 2 as ZOOM remains a possibility at this time. We shall see if next week's episode sheds some more light on this.

5. Velocity 7 briefly restores Jay but it wears off...not surprising given that a super metabolism would burn out the serum fast, so Cait is going to make version 8 which will lead to Velocity 9 and thus Jesse Quick and Wally West along with Jay Garrick may indeed power up. The door is open now for many speedsters to be on scene.

Btw: to my fellow poster: KNIGHT. I always enjoy your take on the episode but you don't need to make it separate from mine and get everyone chatting in two different threads. You are more then welcome to make your summary/review a response to my own and keep it all in one thread.

Your posts are more of an episode recap then a review. I won't be posting replies except for this one

It's interesting that a hero/villain performs one amazing feat, or use a power they haven't used for 20+ years, and that automatically propels them to a high status despite scans and evidence to the contrary. I don't know what is worse, selective feat picking that has only been done once or twice 20, or more, years ago or ignoring evidence from scans or the lack thereof. We need to stop putting our favorite heroes/villains on pedestals and start putting them where they really belong. But it's evident that people never will because they would rather accuse others of cherry picking feats, when they don't, and being 'morally superior' when they aren't. I guess being honest and as fair as possible only opens one up to being the target of childish accusations and fault finding by those who insist on acting petty and childish. What happened to a good debate between two civil, mature, adults?
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