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Subj: There is still a huge problem with your theory
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Reply Subj: How the REVERSE FLASH could still appear
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Okay so Season 1 ends with RF being erased from reality.

Season 2 gives us an RF that has NOT yet gone back and killed Barry's mom. The explanation is that by time traveling within the speed force, RF was unaffected by the temporal erasure and that he is a remnant or perhaps a living/breathing time paradox.

This is not the first time that sci fi has shown that time travelers are immune to changes in the timestream while they are traveling.

1. Back to the Future 2: Marty and Doc return and find they are in the alternate 1985 and find out how things are twisted and what happened to their alternate versions. We also see that time changes cause a ripple affect that carries forward in time such as the newspapers changing and the fax of Marty being fired erases and of course the polaroid in the first movie.

2. 90's Xmen cartoon: Bishop goes back to save Senator Kelly, he goes home and we see that Forge knows nothing of the original mission given that his memories altered with the timeline and that a plague is running amok. When Bishop returns again after stopping the plague, Forge knows nothing of it as his memories have again altered with the timeline while Bishop is unaffected given that he was outside of time.

so yes, RF could be exempt from the erasure by time traveling and being in the speed force. My main sticking point is that as soon as he emerged in Season 2, that the erasure effect should have caught up with him and erased him, however he is a time paradox so the erasure may not affect him. Also the things he did in the past have happened and thus must happen as this RF must go back and do them before being erased.

Temporal Mechanics: you gotta hate it sometimes. \:\)

As soon as he emerged out of the Speed Force, BAM! Erased from existence. Without Eddie Thawne, there IS No Reverse Flash, Paradox or not. Period. It was a very weak explanation by the writers and I'm not buying it for a second.

That leaves only two options that can explain this.

1. Eddie Thawne was somehow revived and is alive.

2. From dialogue in the show, we know that they are all living in an alternate reality because in the original, Barry becomes the Flash a bit later and Nora never dies. But by going back in time and killing Nora, taking over Dr. Wells' life, building the particle accelerator so Barry becomes the Flash sooner so Thawne can go home sooner, etc, this created an alternate timeline to the main timeline. And the Reverse Flash we saw is from the MAIN timeline and in the MAIN timeline, Eddie Thawne is still alive because he never killed himself.

But the Reverse Flash accidentally traveled to the alternate timeline somehow when he wasn't supposed to and learned some key things that will allow him to become his alternate self, but for now he is still from the MAIN timeline because his alternate self is erased.

It's interesting that a hero/villain performs one amazing feat, or use a power they haven't used for 20+ years, and that automatically propels them to a high status despite scans and evidence to the contrary. I don't know what is worse, selective feat picking that has only been done once or twice 20, or more, years ago or ignoring evidence from scans or the lack thereof. We need to stop putting our favorite heroes/villains on pedestals and start putting them where they really belong. But it's evident that people never will because they would rather accuse others of cherry picking feats, when they don't, and being 'morally superior' when they aren't. I guess being honest and as fair as possible only opens one up to being the target of childish accusations and fault finding by those who insist on acting petty and childish. What happened to a good debate between two civil, mature, adults?
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