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Subj: The Henry Allen2 idea I have had about ZOOM
Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 at 06:26:17 am GMT (Viewed 5 times)
Reply Subj: Rethinking my ZOOM list a bit........
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I've been recently rewatching season 2 from the start to the present.

I have seen many ideas that link Jay to being ZOOM or being in cahoots with ZOOM.

My blindspot to this idea is that I've always like the comic character Jay Garrick, he is the Golden Age Flash and I would hate to think that for this series he has been corrupted into a villain.

However stepping back a bit there are somethings that stick out a bit:

1. ZOOM and Jay were only seen together in the flashback that showed Jay getting allegedly drained of speed force by ZOOM and swept into the portal to Earth 1.

2. Jay has been training Barry to harness lightning but he also preaches caution to the point of cowardice. He has also refused to partake in the fight that Barry had with ZOOM that broke Barry's back for a few weeks.

3. Jay hates Velocity 6 and was loathe to use it to save Wells2.

4. We now have learned that Jay was using V6 to boost his powers but the results were a bit of a disaster and he states it was V6 and not ZOOM that depowered him and that V6 has damaged his DNA and he is dying.

5. Hunter Zolomon is apparently the Earth 1 version of Jay. Jay also states that Hunter's DNA isn't altered like his and thus couldn't cure him.

6. Jay tells Geomancer in their brief skirmish that Geomancer doesn't really want to see what would happen of Jay cut loose at full speed. Bravado or a hint that he is ZOOM?

7. Wells2 gives ZOOM some of Barry's speed force, ZOOM's hand looked a bit trembly...perhaps like a junkie or sick man needing their medicine?

8. The speed cannon and portal are damaged after Jay zaps them to Earth 2. The portal in STAR LABS is the only one left and it is closed until they fix the gear. We have Jay on Earth 1 and ZOOM is on Earth 2.

9. ZOOM has used the portals to travel, but does he really need them or can he alter his vibrational frequency and dimension jump on his own? if so then he'd use the portals to conserve power. However IF Zoom can travel dimensions without the portals, then ZOOM could appear on Earth 2 while still being Jay on Earth 1. This IS a big IF at the moment, more data is needed to see if ZOOM can dimension jump on his own.

10. Wells2 created ZOOM with the particle explosion which also powered up Jay.

IS Jay connected to ZOOM in some capacity?: Probable.

I have stated that ZOOM could be a molecular split from Jay Garrick similar to the Star Trek episode when the transporter split Kirk into good and evil. ZOOM gets more speed force then Jay and is unrestrained in its use but he wants more because he is only half a person. Jay wanted more speed for similar reasons. ZOOM could be draining Jay too fast for him to recharge unless he uses Velocity 6 to 9 to boost himself.

So IS Jay Garrick ZOOM? possible. However here is something to contemplate: Jay is NOT ZOOM......but ZOOM IS JAY...or rather I should say that Jay is either a prisoner of ZOOM or perhaps killed by ZOOM, and ZOOM is PRETENDING TO BE JAY GARRICK AND FAKING POWER LOSS. This would be a twist on how Reverse Flash killed Wells and absorbed his DNA and intellect and took his place in Season 1.

OR: Hunter is ZOOM and Jay Garrick is indeed innocent. He is from Earth 1 and was hit by the particle blast and gained super speed but was also blasted to Earth 2 and perhaps was caught in THAT particle blast as well and thus became faster then Barry but also twisted and evil.

ZOOM is Henry Allen of Earth 2: I'm keeping this on the table. They have pretty much integrated the 90's FLASH series in this episode by implying it is an alternate Earth. So perhaps Shipp will suit up for closes ups of an unmasked ZOOM and we get a stunt double in the suit the rest of the time. Shipp states he doesn't want to suit up again, but money talks and speaks loudly.

OR: ZOOM is a personification of SPEED FORCE energy from the particle explosion. Not ruling this out yet.

OR: Earth 2 Wally West. On Earth 1 Wally loves things that are fast. Could his Earth 2 version be ZOOM?

OR: Earth2 Eddie Thawne.......not likely but I'll keep the idea open for now.

When I ponder shows like this and their plot mysteries I have a tendency to consider as many possibilities as I can, no matter how screwball or unlikely they are.

So why do I think Henry Allen is ZOOM:

1. Earth 2 is shown to be opposite in many ways of Earth 1.

Iris1: journalist because Joe1 wouldn't let her be a cop.
Iris2: a detective after doing and internship in journalism

Iris1 and Barry1: not married yet
Iris2 and Barry2: married

Barry1: THE FLASH and mostly a selfless person though he does get sidetracked at times.
Barry2: Joe2 states he is a selfish jerk. also has no powers at the moment.

Joe1: respected cop
Joe2: respected singer, now dead.

Ronnie1: half of Firestorm and a hero
Ronnie2: half of Deathstorm, suppressed Stein within him, now dead

Caitlyn1: not Killer Frost....yet
Caitlyn2: Killer Frost and insane.

Nora Allen1: dead
Nora Allen2: alive

Henry Allen1: good man and a doctor, framed for murder he didn't commit and spent 15 years in prison, now a free man and still a good man who doesn't seem too bitter about losing so much of his life to prison and missing Barry's growing years.

Henry Allen2: ??????????? we know NOTHING. We know that Nora is married and that her husband is Barry2's father....please note that during Barry1's call with Nora2 that the name of Barry2's father WAS NOT MENTIONED! We are presuming that he is Henry2. It COULD be someone else, but likely IS HENRY2. But we know nothing ABOUT HIM.

Now for another fun fact: both fiction and real life have some sickos in them. Sick people that harbor dark thoughts, dark secrets, murderous impulses, etc etc etc. I'm quite confident that I do not need to mention examples but I will: Manson, the Batman theater shooter.....and there are married couples where one or the other is a sick person that is secretly living a life of evil or biding time until they kill their spouse and possibly family.

So for all we know Henry Allen2 IS such a person. Henry1 is a good man, yes. But Henry2.....? We do not know, yet. Being married does NOT automatically disqualify him from being ZOOM. Also given that ZOOM is faster then Barry, if he is Henry 2 then he could easily maintain the double life of Henry2 and ZOOM.