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    I don't think we need to address the Eobard Thawne RF erasure from time. The RF in season 2 is Dr. Stein from Earth 2. At 2 different points (when 1st arriving at/in Earth Prime and after watching Flash disable the rigged 18 wheeler) Gideon refers to this RF as "Dr. Stein." Therefore, this RF is from a different dimension and the erasure of Eobard Thawne from Earth Prime timeline does not affect him.

    What do you think Knight?

This might work as an explanation if it wasn't for the fact that in the very next episode Gideon calls Reverse Flash by his Thawne name and not Dr. Stien.

Back to square one it seems. ;\)

Even though Eddie is dead, RF was time traveling and thus outside time and is at this point a walking temporal anomaly/paradox.

Paradoxes have a tendency to be hard to impossible to resolve and temporal mechanics are indeed a pain.

Yes by all rights logic would dictate that RF should have been erased when he emerged from the speed force. However there are some things:

1. The ripple effect caused by Eddie's death and RF being erased is moving forward in time and has already passed through 2016 and moving forward in time slowly and inexorably.

2. Back to the Future 2: the future didn't immediately change around Marty and Doc after Biff traveled back with the almanac, instead the change started with Biff himself. The pain and convulsions he was experiencing was similar to what Marty started to feel in BTTF1 as he started to fade on stage before his parents kissed. The time change was starting with Biff first then the ripple effect would take place and the future would twist and change. Doc and Marty avoid that and miss all the effects because they were time warping back to 1985 only to be in the alternate one.

In Season 4 of the 90's Xmen there was a two parter where things changed because someone went back and killed a young Xavier. Bishop arrives to get help from the X-men but that part of time has already changed to the new timeline and they comment that they have to touch base with the time machine in the future so it can send them back to young Xavier's time, but if they don't hurry the time changes will hit the year they came from and all would be lost. The ripple effect, like throwing a stone in water slowly moving outward.

3. Time and the past are resistant to change and while some things can change, you more then likely end up REVISING things so that things for the most part still occur with some revisions, the recent episode of Legends where Snart steals the emerald so that his father doesn't go to jail and become abusive. However his father then gets busted trying to sell it. minor revision, same outcome. All 13 known versions of the Doctor converge at the end of the Time War and revise the end so that Gallifrey isn't really nuked though it still looked to be destroyed and the Daleks still get devastated. Revised outcome but still similar.

Thus RF will still end up in the past, still kill Nora, then still kill Wells and take his place and make the birth of the Flash and the meta humans happen a little bit sooner so that he can get the Speed Force back. These events HAVE happened, and MUST HAPPEN, ergo RF must still exist at this point as he must go back, now armed with some knowledge of what he will do and must do thanks to his talks with Team Flash and Wells2.

Paradox. Unsolvable. Reverse Flash simply cannot NOT exist.

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