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Subj: Re: The Flash "Escape from Earth-2" Review *SPOILERS*
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Reply Subj: The Flash "Escape from Earth-2" Review *SPOILERS*
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The showrunners have certainly done an excellent job making Zoom the most terrifying Flash villain ever seen. Reverse Flash, eat your heart out because you have nothing on this guy. The episode opens with Zoom’s attempt to scour the city, looking for Harry but he cannot find him and so he is terrifying the city into helping him. The stakes are high and the stage is set.

Zoom feels a little like the Terminator because in that movie, that killing machine refused to stop. The Terminator could not be bargained with, could not be reasoned with and would never stop until Sarah Connor was dead. Aside from terrifying others, this is the only comparison the two characters have in common. Zoom is definitely someone I would not want to meet in a dark alley.

And then I was right about Killer Frost joining Team Flash. The search begins and Barry gives a little hope to Jesse as they attempt to figure out what the man in the iron mask is trying to say. The showrunners waste no time making things interesting as Geomancer poses a threat for the second time and now we have round 2 between him and Jay. Or at least, we SHOULD have had a round 2.

But then Geomancer is taken down so easily by Caitlin and we didn’t get a fight between Jay’s Flash and Geomancer. This was a very low point in the episode and anti-climatic. The episode seemed to be going in this direction only for the showrunners to chicken out and go for a less than stellar exit for Geomancer.

Once more Barry believes he cannot achieve something and he gets a pep talk to boost his confidence so that Barry can achieve the impossible. This time, the pep talk came from Barry-2 and the Flash phases through the glass cage he was in. Like Dr. Wells said in season 1, “The only limit is yourself.”

The episode closes with barely enough time to get everyone home. The story arc of Jesse being Zoom’s prisoner closes off and now she and Harry are on Earth-Prime. And the episode closes with a nice little cliffhanger when Zoom thrusts his hand through Jay’s chest and pulls him into Earth-2. And guess what that means? JAY IS NOT ZOOM! \:\)

Good episode, there are some faults with it including a very disappointing take down of Geomancer but it was a good second, and final, part of Team Flash’s adventures on Earth-2.

4 out of 5 stars. \:\)


1. Hmmm. Who is this guy in the iron mask?! Could this man actually be the real Jay? Who knows. Could be. Either way, we CLEARLY saw Zoom's arm phase through Jay's chest so that means Jay is NOT Zoom. There is so much evidence running against that particular theory, I honestly don't see how anyone can keep clinging to it.

2. Talk about a disappointment. I was hoping Jay would handle Geomancer not Caitlin.

3. Double cross! I didn’t see that one coming. \:\)

4. Triple double cross! Awesome! \:\)

5. Some people have theorized that the man in the Iron Mask cannot be Jay because his hand looks like it belongs to a black man. As a result, some have come to the conclusion that this man is Wally West of Earth-2. But in one brief close up shot, we see a profile of his mask and I clearly saw brown hair at the back of his head that could not possibly be from a black man. The man is white and we'll see if I'm right when this man is eventually rescued.


1. Barry sure isn’t very smart. He shouldn’t have needed Zoom to tell him how to get out of that glass cage.

2. Uh, in such a large collapsing building, there would be a LOT more than just a few that Jay saved.


1. Barry-2 claims he is wearing wing tips. In the comics he actually wears wing tips on his boots as the Flash.

I think the man in the iron mask is . . . Eddie Thawne from Earth Prime.
As you stated in an earlier post Eddie's body was sucked into the vortex during the conclusion of the season 1 finale. He has intimate knowledge of Barry/Flash that Zoom also seems to possess. The same profile look you referred to I believe shows Eddie's hair. This would also explain why Eobard Thawne has not been erased from existence and was present for the Reverse Flash Returns episode.

Off topic but I have been perplexed as to how Eobard/Wells 1 recognized Jay Gerrick/Flash's helmet during the season 1 finale unless he had been to Earth 2 and somehow battled Jay Garrick there.

I would take RF over Zoom any day! As long as it was the Eobard/Wells RF from season 1. He was much more knowledgeable about the speed force & more powerful than RF 2 . . .

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