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Subj: Re: Who is Zoom? My theories and Iron Man Unit's
Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 at 07:56:58 pm GMT (Viewed 260 times)
Reply Subj: Who is Zoom? My theories and Iron Man Unit's
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    Assuming “Jay” was a clone, I would venture to guess that Zoom viewed his “death” as “a complication” for the two following reasons. The first, the clone began to think on it’s own (much like Roy Harper’s clone on Young Justice) and even began to believe himself to be the real Jay Garrick. Rather than sticking to Zoom’s mission, the clone became a hero, and closed the breaches. And the second reason, because Caitlin’s Velocity-9 has temporarily halted the deterioration of cells within the body of the clone; both of which slowed Zoom’s plan.

On real point of contention though - When he stuck his arm through the closing portal to 'fish' did he know he had snagged Jay, when it was capturing Barry his focus had been set on?
I haven't seen this new episode yet so may be missing the context, but while your ideas are perfectly sound I do wonder whether the writers would really throw away Jay Garrick by having him be Zoom.
So If the Man in the iron Mask is the real Jay then Zoom could be anyone, just as Thawne was unexpectedly revealed last season to have killed Harrison Wells and taken his face and identity so too could Zoom be using Jay's face. Though outside of the shock value for the audience why I have absolutely no idea why he might do this.
I am not at all sure if clones are the likely answer to the mystery here, but in this show absolutely anything is possible - nothing is off the table as too outlandish.

Really if you look back on Jay's story it could be arguend that his sttling Zoom and being plucked from defeat by the Wormhole is at least a part-fabrication on his behalf, perhaps there was something else here that he wasn't telling team Flash. But the Show itself then showed us that Jay was The Flash and a well established hero when they did the show that focused on Wells-2 and Jay visiting him at that STAR Labs presentation. So the balance of evidence does support that Jay/Flash was a hero and did indeed meet and battle Zoom several times over until the Wormhole appeared over the City... now one possibility is that Jay was partially lying to Team Flash in that Zoom had actually beaten him some weeks/months ago and the real Jay lands up masked and silenced in Zoom's lair while your Clone is sent through the Wormhole when it appears to spy and report. We know after all Zoom had his eye on Barry and his speed. So in theory Zoom has been aware of Barry for some time and has prepared a scheme to monitor and manipulate him until such time as Zoom is ready.

This storyline is certainly compelling to follow, but frustrating as well as unlike last season we are still no wiser as to who our mystery villain actually is or how he came to be. Even his motives are left rather vague. The Reverse-Flash was so successful as we were kept fed with information as viewers and the plot had been carefully thought through. With Zoom though none of that is really applicable, as enjoyable as it all is to follow and guess it does feel as if they are making it up as they go along. Which is the direct opposite to last season's structuring where we saw from an early point that amiable Harrison Wells was not what he appeared to be...

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