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    I want the Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/RF back. I am re-watching Season 1 and he is a total bad ass! I know that that the Flash he encountered was not fully developed but he seemed far superior to the season 2 RF. BTW- I admit I was wrong. In both RF/Gideon interactions in season 2 Gideon calls him "Professor Thawne."

I'm very happy with the way things have worked out here. Tom Cavanagh's Wells has been one of the joys of the series for me, especially in his interactions with the rest of Team Flash. I was very sorry to see what I thought was the end of that dynamic at the end of Season One, and I'm over the moon that they've contrived a way to keep it alive indefinitely.

From here on in I hope Matt Letscher continues to play Reverse-Flash. And the Earth-Two Harrison Wells can stick around as long as he likes as far as I'm concerned.

I saw an interview with Tom Cavanaugh where he discussed the role of Harrison Wells and his opinion of it. He said that when originally offered the role of a brilliant scientist type he refused it. But after he was told that Wells is actually the RF he was excited to take the role. Makes me think maybe we will see a Wells RF again . . .