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    And giving me back the Wally I have told my kids about for nearly ten years is a good start.

Wally West is not coming back. It would be madness to think such. But then it is equally absurd if the Pre-2011 Superman were to reenter the DCU and carry on as if nothing had happened.

I am wary of being so negative, I really dislike the atmosphere of some of the Marvel boards (in point:Thor) for sponsoring this overpowering culture of negativity. So yes, as I am finding DC Comics less and less worthwhile I run the risk of becoming what I hate by expressing my dissapointment in the collapse of a once great publisher...
If I could boil down my objections over the current Rebirth and state of play then it has to be laid at the door of the Dan Didio/Geoff Johns' managing of the DCU these last ten or more years. Two men who have maintained a near iron grip and control, and while having differing priorities and beliefs on the direction of the DCU the nature of their unharmonious beliefs is what has served to reduce the strength and integrity of the DCU this last decade and all but atrophied their available pool of talent - for a publisher the management and recruitment of his creators is seemingly the least of Dan Didio's priorities.
I do feel some sympathy for Geoff Johns, as despite my heavy criticism of his declining ability these last years he is in the end forced to bow to Dan Didio's decisions, by virtue of Didio being superior in position - few acknowledge the reality that the Flashpoint restart was entirely Dan Didio's dream, Jim Lee certainly agreed with his direction, but with his own experiences in mending the DCU's tattered characters Geoff Johns I am quite sure foresaw the likely problems and the possible costs of rebooting like this, but he had no power at all to alter Didio and Jim Lee's single minded directive. How satisfying and telling for him that it is Johns to whom the two then call to salvage the publishing lines collapsing fortunes at this time.

And I believe, if he hadn't played the same trick so many times already, that Johns could have done it. He could have fixed the catastophe of the Flashpoint reboot.
But we are here after seeing Johns doing this continuity saving far too many times now. Indeed I think it fair to say that since '52' and Infinite Crisis DC has never stopped obsessing and recycling its dead past, revamp, reboot, and rehash. And surely looking at what comes out of June there can be no one who isn't appalled by the sheer debacle of it all...

It is interesting to see you raise the 'Heroes Reborn' anology, I have noted it myself in the past, but the parallels are becoming rather startling given thie Thor was a casualty who died only to be unexpectedly replaced by the real Thor, leading the way to the collapse of the experiment and a return to the mainstream Marvel Universe.
When Dan Didio promoted his grand plan in 2011 he very notably made a point in one interview that his intention was to recapture the success and impact of the Aftermath of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, a bold hope, and very demonstrative of the thinking of DC management and its inability to put that 1985 event to rest. It worked back then as nothing like it had ever been done and the audience reach was Newsstand, self renewing. Ever since 1985 though the Crisis has never really ended for the DC Universe.

At this point I do feel a fresh turnover of management is what is badly required to set the company back on track and reinvigorate it with a fresh vision, someone like Mark Waid would be a fantastically positive addition to the publishers executive as he is experienced and knowledgable not just in the history and traditions of their characters but has actual publishing knowledge thanks to his time away from DC and working for the likes of BOOM!. Geoff Johns is still a talent I admire, but is not being directed and managed in a way that brings out the best in him. This predisposition he has for huge continuity fixing needs to take a rest and if I had a preference I would like to ideally take a cue from Infinite Crisis and devise a scanario where canon is far more flexible and inclusive - imagine if despite the modern tinsel of their looks the heroes of the DCU had, once again, an awareness of their long history and adventures... but in a way that matters little to the present, thus allowing them to stay modern and forward looking. Essentially then the Marvel Formula. These characters have been around for over 70 years now, and the greatest error of the 2011 reboot was in severing that heritage and past so completely...

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