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We probobly shouldn't be talking about a book that isn't even out yet,,, but since the news is spread all over the internet all I can do is shrug my shoulders and join in the discussion.

I do feel weary at it all, this constant indulgence in self-pleasing fan-service rather than professional writers, determined world building, and an actual longterm direction being aimed for.
But take the book for what it is and it may be enjoyable, for instance Leagion of 3 Worlds is just such an exercise in fan-service, and yet delivers one of the finest examples of it I have read from Geoff Johns. While his skill at reviving stale and damaged properties made his name at DC I do think Flashpoint in 2011 drew a line under that due to its wiping of the past so completely. How absurd would it be to see Johns forced to step in once again to fix the mistake that erased all his previous (successful) efforts to fix DCs many mistakes... and yet here we are. And the question will be can he once again show that genius at fixing, as he did last in Legion of 3 Worlds, or is this one going to be the one that breaks the readerships patience and credulity?

I think perhaps he can do it. Perhaps Geoff Johns can sell Rebirth and its content and convince the audience and watchers, he has a magic to him in this regard. But the more direct and pressing question I have to ask is whether the management above him who ordered Infinite Crisis and then Flashpoint cease their destructive impulses and avoid temptations to inflict yet another reboot, purely as it is the easiest sales option?
I would like to think so. But the last ten years show otherwise... Dan Didio instinctively believes in the lowest common denominator and shortest cut, while Geoff Johns firmy believes in conservatism and tradition. Two polar opposites vieing for dominance, which explain the story of the DCU these last ten or more years.

Think at this point, based upon what has happened over at warners and the DC movies, and the DC comic line, that he will be getting a blank check to rewrite this as he seems fit...

And I still have hope that we can get back to fun and bright DCU that I remembered as a kid reading about...

And am still thrilled to death that the real superman has now been brought back into the frey!

They never would have done it, but would have been nice at the end actually seeing mxy and another certain DR with his tardis on the Moon talking about upcoming events!