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Subj: Re: Worst. Episode. Ever.
Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 at 01:18:44 pm BST (Viewed 11 times)
Reply Subj: Worst. Episode. Ever.
Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 at 09:39:07 am BST (Viewed 713 times)

    Possibly the single worst episode of The Flash. Anti-climactic and nonsensical, and with some truly terrible story decisions.

    Barry simply can't do what he did at the end of the episode. It would create a paradox. Although there's good reason to think he's slipped into an alternate reality. When he travels back to Nora's death, Barry from 2015 was there, but future Barry should have been there too telling his 2015 self not to intervene. He wasn't, so this can't have been the same timeline.

This show makes up its time travel rules as it goes. Future Barry was fighting Reverse Flash while Season 1 Barry was watching the fight which was interrupted by season 2 Barry. 3 Barrys. I guess future Barry vanished like Season 1 Barry did...Season 2 Barry erased them...granted it makes no sense why future Barry could be there because he already shouldn't exist in the first place I guess.

    Terrible decision to have Shipp play Jay Garrick. I've come to hate this fanboy thing of trying to shoehorn in connections between characters for no other reason than they're trying to be clever. I think it probably started with the Tim Burton Batman film, connecting Batman's origin with the Joker and vice versa, until today, everyone seems to be connected. I cringed last episode when they revealed Garrick was Barry's grandmother's maiden name. Enough, already. You're clever. We get it. Move on.

I think they should have went really meta and just revealed this was the Barry played by Shipp from the 90's tv show.

    At least he plays the Earth-3 Flash, and there's no good reason to ever bring him back. Ever.

    The Rebels' (Joe, Iris, Wells et al) plan was a bit rubbish. Send Zoom back to Earth-2 and close the breaches. But Zoom now has the power to open the breaches at will. And the breaches had been closed 'forever' once before. And were opened again.

    So there's NO speedster Jay Garrick on Earth-2? Where does that leave Hourman's appearance and JSA name drop at the end of Legends of Tomorrow? They can't be from Earth-1. Why has no one mentioned them? If they're from Earth-2 they can't have had the Jay Garrick Flash as a member. And why didn't THEY try to stop Zoom? Earth-3? Then it's unlikely that Dr. Fate or the Spectre are members. Surely they wouldn't have left their Flash to rot in a prison cell, and would have been able to track him down. So are we going to get to see Earth-4? Presenting us with a Jay Garrick-less Earth-2 JSA would be truly lame.

Walk me through why Hourman can't be from Earth 3 again? Earth-3 must be the JSA earth. I half expect someone from Earth-3 to pop up on the Arrow finale tonight.

    Speaking of truly lame: Another two time remnants. Deus ex machina at it's best. Cop out at it's worst. And still impossible.

    And as Reverend Meteor pointed out, even the dialogue seemed forced and unbelievably bad in places.

It was so bad. I hope Teddy Sears can still find work. Honestly that scene where Zoom hands Joe off to the group the dialogue was so bad I felt ashamed to be a fan of comic books in general.

    0/10 for this episode. Did I say 'possibly' the worst episode? Scratch that: It was THE worst.

Yeah every other episode seemed to have a kernel of something I liked but this one just seemed rush...like they cobbled it together just to resolve the season.

And good god we sat through two seasons of Barry mooning for Iris, she finally wants to hook up and he rewrites the timeline. Couldn't he bang her at least once? This is why she never likes you Barry...you're spineless.

    Must try harder next season.

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