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Subj: Re: My thoughts and predictions
Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 at 08:56:35 pm BST (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: Re: My thoughts and predictions
Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 at 05:42:52 pm BST (Viewed 638 times)

    I didn't think that it was the worst episode ever, but I agree it was a REALLY odd episode what lots of part that make varying degrees of little sense to no sense.

Weighed against all other episodes...I did find this one to be the worst. This episode wasn't fun. I don't even remember Cisco saying anything funny and he's usually got some dumb comment that will at least make me grin.

    In the post funeral scene at Joe's house I thought how large the cast was now. And at the end when Well's and Jess went back to Earth 2 I was really sad.

I'm sure Wells will be back full time next season and Jesse will show up occasionally...until they kill her off. I mean eventually they're going to have to get rid of some of these people and she's the most expendable.

    I think that Barry not starting something with Iris is supposed to be heroic like he is making a sacrifice, but at this point a relationship between them seems less and less likely. All they do is TALK about it. It they were really into each other there would be PASSION.

That's kind of how I felt. Narrative blue balls.

    The ending is obviously the BIGGEST problem and they definitely did this so we'll all talk about it all summer and have to tune in to see what happened in the fall like our lives depend on it!

    I just can't stand that they are doing this again. Flash has already done the history revision thing. This seems so redundant.

If they had done this in the season 1 finale I would have been pumped for it. All of season 1 built to a twist like that. Then they backed out. Just like now they're backing out of pairing up Barry and Iris.

I don't even care if Barry and Iris end up together in the end. Just let them sleep together once. For god sakes end this will they won't they crap.

    However, as others have said, I seriously doubt they want to change all 5 of their shows in a big way, so I'm guessing that whatever changes happens as a result of Barry saving his mom will be small and only related to the Flash series.

(counts on fingers)

I count 4 shows. Arrow, Flash, Legends and Supergirl. What am I missing? (am I missing Vixen? Does that one count?)

    One of the changes will be that Iris will be unavailable or uninterested in a relationship, that is a GIVEN. I pray to GOD that Eddie isn't back because I hate him so much!

I don't hate Eddie so much as I felt like the actor was really (and I apologize in advance to whoever this offends) really effeminate with that whispery voice of his. So much so that I could never buy into the Eddie/Iris romance. Which isn't a knock against gay actors...the guy who played Roy on Arrow did a good job with the actress who played Thea. Eddie and Iris just had no chemistry (honestly that one time she met Oliver she probably had more chemistry with him than with Barry or Eddie)

    I also predict that we will have a 3rd new version of Harry. This will be the Earth 1 Wells that was no longer killed by Reverse Flash. And we'll probably have a slightly different version of Jess too.

I hope that's the case. So far we don't know the REAL Harry. Real Harry is probably much nicer than Eobard or Harry-2.

I'm hoping Harry 1's wife Tess becomes important. I'm curious if Tess-2 is Jesse's mother or Harry-2 married someone else.

Ever since they told us Tess was smarter than Harrison I've wondered if she had some sort of master plan that got derailed by Eobard.

    I think Wally and her will be already going out. And Wally grew up with Joe and Iris instead of Barry.

    Joe and Barry will no longer be close. Which will be a shame.

    Beyond that I'm not sure. Maybe Catlin will have her frost powers.

    Cisco will not have changed.

I hope new timeline Cisco has short hair. I hate that mane of his.

    And Barry's parents will be happy and be around, but I don't really see them having a big role in the series. Could be wrong!

I think it would be interesting if they showed they're miserable. Like Nora's gotten hooked on drugs and prostitutes herself and Henry's become an abusive drunk. If we're doing alternate realities let's get crazy with it I say.

    We'll see in the Fall how right or wrong I am \:\)


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