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Subj: It likely will happen, however there is one important thing to remember
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Reply Subj: My Thoery: The Flashpoint Paradox is going to happen... *Spoilers*
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My post contains SPOILERS for the Flash 2 Season Finale. If you haven’t seen the episode and do not want to be spoiled on what happens, please stop reading! You have been warned





Barry goes back in time and saves his mother.

With the ending of The Flash 2 season finale and my sources stating that a mega crossover will happen between Supergirl, the Flash, the Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow very early next season, it’s looking more and more like the Flashpoint Paradox will happen. At the end of the Flashpoint Paradox crossover, Supergirl’s universe will merge with the Arrowverse.

And I’m calling it right here and now.

Think about it. What mega event will cause every single one of the CW shows have a crossover? Flashpoint. I mean, sure there are villains that can be used that have the capability of crossing over to another universe to threaten our heroes and cause a team up but I don’t think so. With the way the Flash season finale ended, then my money, if I were a betting man, is on Flashpoint happening in some form or another. And when the dust settles, Supergirl will then exist in the same universe and the Arrowverse.


-Let me be clear that if Supergirl had started out from the beginning as being a part of the Arrowverse, I’d be fine with it. But the showrunners made it clear Supergirl lives in another universe. Ever since this rule has been put in place, I’ve been in the “Universes should remain seperate” camp.

-In the comics, The Flashpoint Paradox storyline happened because Barry Allen went back in time and saved his mother. That is why I firmly believe that we will see some kind of interpretation of this storyline as part of that mega crossover event.

-Supergirl’s universe merging with the Arrowverse will make it easier on the showrunners because they won’t have to keep coming up with reasons for Supergirl, Arrow, Flash or anyone else to crossover with each other. This is why I believe the universes will merge into one.

-With Legends of Tomorrow being involved with this mega crossover event, time travel is definitely involved. That is another reason why I believe Supergirl's universe with end up merging with the Arrowverse.

I hope I am dead wrong, but I know I’m right on the money on this one.

Your thoughts?

The premise of the show has been that Reverse Flash went back in time to kill Kid Barry, future Flash stops RF but RF kills Nora.

This apparently changed things so that Barry wouldn't be the FLASH and RF lost his powers due to the changes and power drain.

RF then kills Well's wife and then absorbs/kills Wells and then makes the particle accelerator happen a few years earlier so that he can quickly recreate Barry and by proxy other meta humans so that he can get Barry's speed to aid him in going home.

Season 1 ends with Barry going back, about to intervene but his future self for unknown reasons signals him to not intervene. Barry closes the door and listens until RF is gone then comforts his mom as she dies.

Now Season 2 ends with Barry warping to the past and waiting outside his home until Future Flash takes Kid Barry away, THEN he goes in and beats RF senseless and then his past self does the big temporal fade out as time changes.

So in theory, Barry has reset his personal timeline back to how it SHOULD have been before RF changed things. He will still become the Flash and metahumans will arise, but now it SHOULD be occurring a few years later then it did with RF's changes.

This will affect things like Firestorm, Wally, Joe, Caitlyn, Cisco, Nora and Henry directly.

By proxy the entire city would be affected in that Henry isn't framed for murder and put on a public trial. How many lives were affected by that? Police, paramedics, detectives, the courts, the media...the public. all those lives will be affected, for the most part in a minor way, but perhaps a few major changes might occur.

Logically, Flashpoint Paradox should not occur but it likely will and may cause Supergirl's universe to merge and bring her into the Flash/Arrowverse.

However something ELSE would have to occur that would be bad enough for Barry to have to go back and intercept his past self and stop him from stopping RF.

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