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Subj: I want Jay back.
Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 at 07:02:22 am BST (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: Jay Garrick "could" possibly return. *Spoilers*
Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 at 08:58:51 pm BST (Viewed 716 times)

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If you haven't seen the latest episode of the Flash, SPOILER WARNING....

Still reading?

Still here?

Then let's go:

I like this interview and thought it was well worth the read.

Here you go.

I hope he does return at times to give advice to Barry and deal with the fact that he is the counterpart of Henry Allen and how that affects Barry.

John Wesley Shipp did state he never wanted to wear the costume again, but the costume they did make for him seems a bit more comfortable and it doesn't have the headmask like modern Flash's costume has had.

I suspect the headmask is what makes it the most uncomfortable given all the sweat and heat build up given that the head is the greatest source of body heat expenditure.

Also, money does talk, I like how Shipp apparently wasn't told right away about the plans for him to be Jay, of course that could be a PR stunt and that he knew right away who knows? However Shipp wants to be paid, wants his career still moving so yeah, suit up and be the Golden Age Flash.

Some people say he should have been the Barry Allen of the 90's Flash series since we did see them integrate the 90's series into the multiverse, however I disagree with that idea. They could have Barry visit the 90's Flash earth at some point and have Shipp suited up in the old suit for an episode, that would be fine. However Jay Garrick is a major part of the Flash mythos, and I think it is more fitting that they have Jay played by Shipp.