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So, it is done. Season 2 ends with an interesting finale and some serious impending effects on Season 3 and conceivably the entire Flash/Arrow/Legends universe.

So ZOOM wants to wipe out all Earths except Earth 1 as it is apparently the central Earth from which all others have come. Perhaps we should call it Earth Prime instead?

ZOOM gives us the full origin:

1. struck by the particle accelerator
2. developed velocity 6 because he was greedy for more power
3. Velocity 6 boosts him enough to where he can breach dimensions, similar to how the tachyon device let Barry jump to Supergirl Earth.
4. He jumps to Earth 3 and ends up meeting the true Jay Garrick and captures him but can't steal his speed so he keeps him as a trophy and sticks the mask on him to block his powers.
5. Velocity 6 to 8 is poisoning him and he needs Barry's speed to super charge his healing power
6. The Wraiths from the Speed Force have been hunting ZOOM, interesting in that we didn't see that ever but he was likely keeping ahead of them
7. Despite the "will of the speed force" he gets Barry's energy and heals up. Note: ZOOM WAS faster for a time but it seemed like Barry's energy did heal him but then faded.
8. ZOOM kills Henry of Earth 1.
9. ZOOM needs to race Barry for the sake of ego and to power his device.
10. Barry proves he is indeed faster then ever and faster then ZOOM and defeats him but he also creates a time remnant/revenant so that he can be in two places at once to save Joe, beat ZOOM and stop the device.
11. The Wraiths take ZOOM and as they rip him up he seems to look a bit like Black Flash.....so I say the door is left ajar for ZOOM/Black Flash to make a return.

Barry's time replica also ends up going out pretty much the same way Barry did in Crisis on Infinite Earths, running so fast to save the multiverse from the doomsday device that he exceeds his limits and then some and disintegrates, presumably joining the speed force....or not.

So after all is said and done, the Man in the Mask is rescued and taken to Earth 1/Prime, where Wells2 and Cisco get the mask and show us all that.........once again.......

I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Jay Garrick (not a surprise), and as I called it a while back and even posted a comparison photo of Jay and Henry, it is indeed John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick aka The Golden Age Flash!

Barry is floored at seeing that Jay is his father's counterpart.

After Jay rests up and gets a shave, he dons his costume (presumably they made it for him) and he states that the helmet ZOOM wore as Fake Jay was never his but he decides to keep it as now he has something from ZOOM to counter how ZOOM took everything from him.

My only oversight was that I thought Jay was from Earth 2 but since Nora lives on Earth 2 and is presumed to be married to the Henry of that Earth, they make Jay the Flash of Earth 3.

Cisco apparently can't vibe to Earth 3 but he opens to the portal for Wells2, Jesse and Jay to go Earth 2 and Wells2 tells him that the will get Jay home. Jay zips them all into the portal and they are gone.

Note: I want more of Shipp showing up as Jay.

However the episode ends with Barry telling Iris he is not in a good place for a relationship and after he is alone he decides enough is enough that he has to do what he is going to do.

So without the aid of the particle accelerator to act as the cosmic treadmill, and without the tachyon device, Barry does the time warp again and returns to the night his mom was killed and bursts in after his other self saves his kid self and proceeds to beat Reverse Flash senseless. Thus showing that Barry is indeed faster then ever.

He tells his mom she is safe.....end of Season 2.

So what can we expect from the revised timeline? Who knows for sure but here are some things:

1. Barry might not be the Flash (again) in the revised timeline.
2. Reverse Flash should not be stranded and thus not need to kill/replace Wells and build the particle accelerator earlier then it initially happened.
3. Henry should not spend years in jail.
4. Eddie Thawne should be alive
5. There should be no time storm/singularity ergo Ronnie should still be around and still part of FIRESTORM, note: if so this has repercussions on Legends of Tomorrow
6. The breaches to Earth 2 shouldn't happen, so unless ZOOM crosses over on his own, he shouldn't be around at all, thus Henry shouldn't be killed by ZOOM.
7. All of Flash's Rogues Gallery should be affected in some way.
8. When Barry revised history this season, Pied Piper became a hero....will that be undone?
9. How will this affect ARROW?
10. How will this affect the Legends of Tomorrow?
11. Will we get a Flashpoint style Earth? (PLEASE NO!!!)
12. Let the Speed Force Wraiths force Barry to undo what he has done!

I only saw the first half of the episode, and you have SO made me want to watch the rest...NOW.

Thank you.

I just wonder, tho'...

How can Henry Allen be named Jay Garrick on Earth 3?

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