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Here is my Season 3 Wishlist.

1. No more Barry the Idiot: Seriously, Barry needs to stop being such an IDIOT! Oh, I could write a long essay of the long list of idiot decisions he's made but I'll keep it brief. Let's see: Replacing his Earth-2 Doppleganger and getting Joe-2 killed instead of focusing on his mission, letting Patty Spivott go because he had the arrogance to make her decision on her happiness FOR her instead of letting Patty make up her own mind (Thawne was right, Barry will never be happy. He sabotages his own happiness). And what else? Oh...the biggest one yet. Going back in time to save his mother when he had accepted her death in a Runaway Dinosaur and going back to square one with Iris.

So...I'd like to see a Barry who makes smart decisions for once. Who sees the larger picture instead of trusting in his feelings and who THINKS with his head more and listens to his heart less.

2. NO FLASHPOINT: But I just know this one is going to happen regardless if I want it to or not...

3. Jesse CHAMBERS not Jesse WELLS: If Jesse must gain Superspeed, even temporarily, then let it be revealed she is actually adopted and the biological daughter of Johnny Chambers. And in order to activate her speed, Jesse needs to speak the "Speed Formula" since it would be a very nice nod to the comics. If not, then I don't want her gaining powers at all. Barry is more than enough and we don't need anyone to undermine him or overshadow him.

4. Enough with the Mystery Villains: As much fun as it is to speculate who is under the mask, I think it's time to move on from this gimmick and let it go. No more mysterious villains, please.

5. More Focus on Character & Motivation and Less On the WOW Factor: Zoom would have worked as a far better villain had the showrunners stuck to one or two motivations for the character instead of half a dozen. But instead, they focused on the mystery surrounding the character, the big revelation and relied too much on the WOW factor instead of developing him as proper character should be developed.

6. Less Time Travel: A LOT less time travel, please! The showrunners have shown a complete lack of respect for the rules of Time Travel. They set the rules, then break them on a whim and then outright cause time paradoxes that should be downright impossible. The show is getting pretty ridiculous in this regard and speaking of the time travel gimmick alone? The show has already jumped the shark several times. It's overused, it's frustratingly stupid beyond belief and it just can't be taken seriously. Less time travel and more emphasis on story is the way to go here.

7. Make Decisions and STICK TO THEM: Barry accepted his mother's death then he didn't, he is willing to give Iris a chance at a relationship then chickens out, Reverse Flash got wiped from existence then returned with a cop-out explanation. For once, I want to see the Showrunners make a decision and STICK TO IT!

8. Barry and Iris or MOVE ON: I don't know about any of you, but I'm already sick and tired of seeing Barry pine for Iris and not having the balls to go get her. So, either put them together next season or MOVE ON! I don't have the endurance, or the patience, to watch Barry pine for Iris for a countless number of seasons the way Clark did on Smallville (took them FOREVER to actually hook up!).

Come to think it, Iris is Barry's adopted sister so it's more than a little weird to see him have the hots for her and even kiss her. The more I think about it, the more I like the thought of Barry and Patty being together. They make the far better couple so it's better for everyone if Barry forgot about Iris and moved on.

9. Barry the Genius: We sure don't see nearly enough of this. It's like Geoff Johns run on the Flash. In the comic, it was like Barry forgot how to use his brain and be a CSI. Come on, showrunners, let's see how much of a genius he is!

10. More CSI Stuff: Maaaan this job got neglected this season. Let's see it make a come back. I want to see more CSI work from Barry.

11. No More Fake Wally: What does this guy actually do on this show other than add family drama, act stupid and play the male version of a damsel in distress? Nothing! He does absolutely nothing and he adds nothing to the show. It's time for this character to pack up and leave.

12. Bring Back Patty Spivott: Such a wonderful character, she made a better love interest than Iris ever has (well, in the brief scenes we have seen so far, that is). Patty is pretty much what Iris should have been. Patty brought a certain magic to each scene she was in and she and Barry were just GREAT together. I'd love to see her make a return and steal Barry away from Iris. Very likely not to happen but I can dream.

13. Barry and Kara Go on a Date: If Flashpoint happens and Supergirl's universe merges with Barry's, I'd LOVE to see Kara and Barry go on at least one date. Just one. No sparks flew during the Supergirl crossover but they had GREAT chemistry. On top of that, Kara obviously loved having Barry around. She was almost acting like a kid getting a puppy, "Aww, he's so cute! Can I keep him?!" After their date, go back to being friends. Good friends. \:\)

14. Savitar: Even though Savitar is Wally's enemy, I'd still LOVE to see him on the small screen and become the big bad of the season (or a future season). Here is a guy so obsessed with speed, he knows speed tricks even Wally didn't know. Savitar used his speed to research everything he could about it and even created his own cult. Savitar had a whole army at his beck and call and even stole the speed from every speedster on Earth except for Wally. If something like that were to happen on the show, this could create a very compelling season and Barry's toughest challenge yet. How do you beat a man who can do everything better than you can?

15. More Confidence: Two seasons of Barry always doubting himself. This is getting so repetitive that it's almost predictable. Let's see less of this and MORE confidence, please!

16. Fix the Reverse Flash Problem: I could name a countless number of problems (most regarding TIME and PARADOXES) but I'll just list one that needs to be fixed. Reverse Flash was erased from time because Eddie shot himself. That SHOULD have been the end for Eobard Thawne. Had the Showrunners left it at that, this wouldn't even be on my list. But no, the showrunners HAD to bring him back and tried using an explanation that made no sense. If Flashpoint happens and then fixed, PLEASE let Reverse Flash's death at the end of season 1 be fixed so he is NOT erased from time. "But if Eddie hadn't killed himself, Barry would be dead." Barry shouldn't have needed Eddie to save him in the first place. Barry should have been fast enough to deal with the Reverse Flash on his own. So maybe with the timeline fixed, this is exactly what happened and Barry and his friends sent Thawne back home with Eddie Thawne still alive and well. HOWEVER, Eddie remains off the show and only shows up maybe once or twice per season, if that. That way, to those who hated Eddie, will be happy to see him gone but alive.

That's my wishlist. What is yours?

I hope Barry learns, fairly quickly come next season, that saving his mother has terrible repercussions on the future so Barry is forced one last time to let his mother die at the hands of Eobard Thawn.

Even so, Barry still accidentally tweaks the timeline, thus merging Supergirl's Earth with Barry's.

I'd like to see more of Jay Garrick and meet more members of the Justice Society of America as a tie-in to Legends of Tomorrow's Rex Tyler.

Maybe a battle between Flash and uh, Earth-4's? Johnny Quick/Slipstream (from the Crime Syndicate of America).

Wally finally become Kid Flash

Maybe more of Harrison Wells and Jessie as Jessie Quick?

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