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For the whole season we thought of ZOOM's Earth as Earth 2, and Jay at the end says to call his world Earth 3, then there is Supergirl that for now we could say is Earth Supergirl or Earth S.

However in the finale ZOOM states that Team Flash's Earth is the central Earth from which all other alternates have emerged.

Thus we should consider Team Flash's Earth to be called either Earth Zero or Earth Prime, this would make ZOOM's Earth to be Earth 1 as it is the first parallel world for them to have encountered, and thus making Jay's to be Earth 2 which makes things a bit more sensible since in the comics Jay and the JSA are all from Earth 2.

Supergirl's Earth would still be Earth S for now, pending any upcoming merges.

Notice that in the current comics, you occasionally have heard "prime Earth", but we no longer hear of "Earth 1", except for that weird series of trade paperbacks that don't all take place on the same Earth.

If the Arrow/Flash universe is the prime Earth, I'd say THAT has to be thought of as Earth 1. Haven't they even used that term? "Earth 1"?

I'm fine with saying there's no other Earth that can be called "1". Just move on from this point. "1" suggests "the beginning", so there can't be any other but the one they've just identified, the Arrow/Flash universe.

I'm okay with Jessie and Harry's Earth being Earth 2, Jay's being Earth 3...

I'm just having a problem calling Kara's "Earth S" since that designation is usually kept for the Shazam characters' world. Maybe "Earth 5"? It looks like an "S", but it's also the number of sides on the traditional "S" symbol.