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How did someone who's apparently a genetic twin for Henry Allen end up with the wrong last name on another Earth? I can see the first name being different, but the last?

Yes, I know there's Allen ancestry involving the Garrick name, but still...

Are they going to say that on Earth 3, a female ancestor of Barry's (that is, her doppleganger)...maybe his GRANDMOTHER*, never married her child's father?

Gets a bit messy.

*I forget who Henry said his Garrick ancestor was.

It does seem forced, but then they did set up the clues quite early on as to what was coming - the Earth-1 Jay Garrick being adopted early and renamed Hunter Zolomon was a key clue looking back, and it makes sense that there had to be a real Jay/Flash for Zoom to copy from for his deception. But whether it was always intended right from the start of the season that Wesley-Shipp would be the genuine Jay Garrick is something we can only guess on.

Having now seen some images of him in the Jay Garrick Flash suit (courtesy of Facebook!) the new costume is slowly growing on me. The problem really comes down to Shipp himself being a little too big and a little too stocky to convince that he is someone used to the intensive exercise and discipline of running distances as a Super-speedster. And god knows how he is that well built given his months(?) of captivity and undoubted suffering locked away in isolation as he was....
When you look to any picture of the comicbook Barry or Jay both are uniformly depicted as lithe athletic figures, but in spite of that Shipp does have exactly the right charisma and prescence to convey a faithful representation of who the comicbook Jay Garrick was and why he was so popular and well regarded. For that if nothing else he is welcome in the role as far as I am concerned.
But it will be the fact that in a sense Henry Allen has been returned as a fellow Flash, and surrogate father figure, that will make future appearances worth waiting for. \(yes\)