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Subj: Re: Regarding the recent "return"
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Does that address my post? Heh!

Besides, FLASHPOINT was FIVE years ago. Come on!

In REBIRTH #1, Wally reveals that the newer Wally West character (with dark skin) is his cousin, the son of Iris's OTHER brother, not "our" Wally's father. The two Wallys are cousins, and it seems both will be speedsters.

It looks like Dr. Manhattan messed with something at the end of Flashpoint, when Barry tried to fix the timeline (we just never knew Manhattan was involved). He messed with people's memories, with the "spirit" of the DC Universe (made things darker and more harsh), and now somehow it seems the fog is starting to lift. Things may be getting back to be a bit more like the pre-Flashpoint universe, tho' the nu52's stories are staying in place.

Would see it more that the 52 will have some pieces left over, but that DC officially pronounced it as a failed concept, and no more in the big scheme of things...