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Subj: Remember the premise of the show is that
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Barry saves Mom.

Slightly younger Barry, in costume and hiding in the doorway, DISAPPEARS.

This suggests Barry never became The Flash, or at least never went back in time to save his mother.

Why does slightly older Barry, also in costume, NOT disappear? Hasn't his reason for going back in time also turned to vapor? If the slightly younger has vanished, why not the slightly older?

And, for the free cotton candy, the final question-

Thawne was laying on the floor after Barry put his lights out.


1. RF changed the past by killing Barry's mom instead of Kid Barry.

2. RF has to recreate the circumstances that turn Barry into the Flash, but makes them happen 5 years sooner as he is anxious to get home.

3. Barry at end of Season 1 goes back, his older self signals him to not do anything and he comforts his mom as she died.

4. Barry of Season 2 is grief stricken and poisoned over having lost his father, and seeing that Jay Garrick is the counterpart of his father definitely affected him. Barry of Season 2 then warps back and prevents RF from killing his mom after his future self took his kid self away. This causes season 1 Barry to vanish because Season 2 Barry's efforts may very well have REPAIRED the time line from RF's changes, thus Season 1 is going to be revised and should become the timeline where Barry is the Flash in 2020 but we will likely instead get a Flashpoint timeline instead \:\(

as to the temporal mechanics of the series, the writers are playing with the rules of time travel in an even faster and looser manner then the writers of Doctor Who and that is not necessarily a good thing.

Even Rip Hunter tries to adhere to some level of the rules of time travel even if the rules in Legends don't make a lot of sense either.

Conversely, JMS wrote a very well done time travel story arc in Babylon 5 regarding the Babylon 4 station and Valen.

As to Season 2 Barry not fading away, there have been instances where if one is the cause of a change to time, or is at the epicenter of the change, they will be unaffected by the changes. Example: Terminator 2; they blow up Cyberdyne, trash all the research, slag the arm and the chip then Ahnold slags himself. By all rights the future should have changed and John should have been erased as in the new future Kyle should not be traveling back.

Of course time travel is a fictional concept at this....time. ;\)

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