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Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 at 04:48:38 pm BST (Viewed 10 times)
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    We were never allowed to see the true original timeline when Barry Allen was the Silver Age hero that we know.

I'm so glad you brought this up because it was something I struggled with during Reverse Flash and Barry's conversation in the season premiere.

The world Reverse Flash created prior to season 1 is a fiction just like the Flashpoint timeline(s).

    The first season starts with the Reverse Flash having already killed Barry's mother ... something that should never have happened in the past in the first place.

    This idea came from Geoff Johns just after he wrote the return of Barry Allen from limbo and fought against Professor Zoom. Geoff Johns transformed Barry Allen, a "when duty calls" Silver Age hero, into another orphan whose life was changed by the death of one of his parents and whose traumatic past helped to shape the man he is today.

It does seem very Batman/Spider-Man-ish.

    ... and that's the version of Barry that we're stuck with in the series.

    And, thus, starts the hypocrisy of the writers of the show : they spend their time telling us, the watchers, that it is wrong to change the past (and they give examples) while at the same time, we know from the start that the reality of season 1 is not the "true" reality but a reality that was retconned by the Reverse Flash to begin with.

    So, if we follow the logic of the writers of the show, the reality of season 1 should be as "false" as the reality of season 2, Flashpoint or the reality of season 3.

    And, in the "true reality", what really happened ?
    who was alive and who didn't exist ? Was Caitlyn Snow a villain ? Did Sara Diggle exist or not ?

Speaking of Caitlyn...I think her earth 2 counterpart had a brother while the Earth-1 didn't. One wonders if she has one in Earth-0 (what I call the original timeline) or this Flashpoint 2.0 timeline.

    Does Barry Allen ruin lives or do the writers of the show have repeated the same pattern for three seasons because it is their one & only way to build pathos ?

    To answer your question, is Barry a creep ?
    I don't think he was one in the original reality but, after each alteration of the timeline, he has become more & more one.

Same thing with Spider-Man...he changed the timeline and/or let the devil rape everyone's memories.

If you're doing stuff like this you're negating other peoples choices and thus you're a creep.

    The way I see it, he is currently 100% responsible for the death of his mother ... and it is not something that can be erased or that he can escape from.

I might let him off the hook for his mother...but to me Dante and Sara being gone are totally on him. Jay gave him a great the wrong time. He really should find a way to restore Sara and Dante.

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