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Subj: Re: Season 3 ep 2 thoughts...
Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 at 05:02:55 am EDT (Viewed 10 times)
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So Barry didn't fix anything, but he did own up his mistakes and vow to learn from them and not repeat them. I guess that's something.

Enough for me to keep watching anyway.


Well I'm still curious if some changes such as Cisco's brother being dead was due to Reverse Flash.

Joe not telling Iris that her long lost mother was still alive until it was too late, well that can be chalked up to "temporal shockwaves" for lack of a better term. Barry altered time, RF changes it back but the "shockwaves" from the changes made some alterations.

Caitlin is now exhibiting Killer Frost powers, HOWEVER she stated in Season 2 that she was tested and does NOT have the meta gene in her DNA. ALSO Legends of Tomorrow showed us a future Star City that had Diggle's SON in it, and now thanks to the "temporal shockwaves" from Flashpoint, reality is slightly altered so that Diggle has a son and not a daughter.

Or perhaps the term RETCON should be used rather then temporal shockwaves.

I suspect that Harry 2 and his daughter as well as Jay Garrick carry the memories of the previous timeline since they are in another dimension.

Also, RF did state that things were fixed for HIM so we need to see if that means if Eddie Thawne is alive again OR if RF is simply a temporal anomaly.