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Subj: Re: Thoughts Ep 3 "Magenta"...
Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 at 01:00:12 am BST (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: Thoughts Ep 3 "Magenta"...
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The Flash talks about how hard it is to get through a work day because it seems to drag on forever. I can relate! \:\)

The focus on the episode was about:

-Jesse and Harry both dealing with her having speed powers.
-Wally dealing with no having powers.
-Barry and Iris seeing if there is anything romantic between them (for like the millionth time)

And there was a teenage villain Magenta that lifted a tanker with her mind.

Am I the only one that thought Magenta voice sounded just like Caitlin Snow?

Really the only thing I took from the episode was that I'm really glad Harry is back. I really missed him. His fast talking style is really great. He's the verbal Flash!

Barry and Iris really should just get a room and be done with the awkwardness.

We also see the "new" Speed Lab which only exists thanks to revisions in the timeline.

As I thought, Wells2 and Jesse being in another dimension make them immune to the time changes.

Wells2 is understandably frantic about Jesse.

Joe and Wally have a good talk, but you just know Kid Flash is coming.

Barry's new retconned lab partner......I don't like him.

Love how Cisco goes "meh" at the name Magenta.