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Subj: Re: Berlanti teases Savitar and Why the Original Timeline will not return...
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Reply Subj: Berlanti teases Savitar and Why the Original Timeline will not return...
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Read an interesting article online. I put the words of the article in Bold. My comments are in blue.

We had been told ahead of time that Flashpoint wouldn’t last the entire season, but that it would have repercussions that would reverberated throughout this series and others in the Arrowverse. What we actually got was only one single episode of the Flashpoint timeline, and some fairly arbitrary decisions about how it affected things since then. The most important thing Flashpoint established, though, was that Barry cannot go back and try and change time yet again, which creates higher stakes in his current world. At EW’s PopFest, Flash EP Greg Berlanti confirmed that we won’t be seeing that OG timeline from Seasons 1 and 2 again:

“I’m not sure that we can [go back], given what we’ve established. If we’re not challenging ourselves and creating new territory and new obstacles for the characters, it’s less rewarding to watch and probably less rewarding [for the actors] to play.”

Good. I've had more than enough time travel because it has done nothing but made a huge mess of things in this show. Especially the paradox breaking *Shudders* Time Remnants.

So far, the only interesting thing about the repercussions of Flashpoint have been Caitlin getting an actual storyline that’s not tied to a love interest with the “return” of Killer Frost. But the multiple Harrison Wells, Wally clearly being set up to want to engage with Alchemy over his Flashpoint speed, and (on Arrow) Diggle suddenly having a son instead of a daughter all feel like unnecessary tweaks. Flashpoint was an opportunity that became a disappointment

1. YAY! Caitlin has got an actual storyline, which is turning out pretty good so far.

2. Tom is a wonderfully talented actor but if Eobard was wiped from existence, then he never took over Dr. Wells' life on Earth Prime and that means THAT particular Dr. Wellls is still alive (theoretically). What is really annoying is the unnecessary need to introduce this character from other worlds and NOT use the one that is from Earth Prime! For crying out loud, I'd like to to Earth Prime Wells being played by Tom, not one from another world. That has gotten old real fast and pretty annoying at this point.

3. I know exactly why Diggle has a son now instead of a daughter. And it's a pretty dumb reason too. Definitely an unnecessary tweak that wasn't needed nor wanted. But whatever, who am I to complain? I don't even watch Arrow anymore.

4. "Flashpoint was an opportunity that became a disappointment" That's what happens when you do a storyline that is "in name only". I didn't expect the showrunners to remain true to the comics version of the storyline, but they COULD have done soooooo much better with this than what was actually done. But, again, who am I to complain? I've always hated Flashpoint so I'm glad it was "in-name only" and only lasted one episode (and not a particularly good episode at that).[ well previewed during the off-season, a second Big Bad — the speedster named Savitar — is on his way, to make his debut “very, very soon,” warned series lead Grant Gustin.

“He’s the god of motion,” Berlanti explained, “so Flash is up against his biggest foe yet.”

Yeah, I'll believe this when I see it. I read a reliable news source that stated that "The Rival" was SUPPOSED to be Savitar only for the character to be changed into Edward Clariss AKA The Rival instead. When pictures of this guy surfaced online before season 3 started, the showrunners all but confirmed it was Savitar! Then when the episode aired, it was revealed to be the Rival instead.

But hey, if Savitar is introduced, then I'm really looking forward to it since I've been wanting to see him since season 1.

While writing my comments, I lost the original article I got this information from, so here's another article that says nearly the same thing. So, if you want the full reading experience, go here:

Glad you are back Knight.
Was wondering where you were . . .

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