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Subj: Re: THE FLASH EP 5...
Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 at 04:57:40 pm GMT (Viewed 870 times)
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Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 at 04:41:24 pm GMT (Viewed 870 times)

    I just don't see the benefit. And honestly as mildly entertaining as the character is I just don't see the point of this story. For some stupid reason the team thought they needed to bring in a Harrison Wells from the multiverse (why not find a 2nd smart guy on earth). Then they get one...and he isn't smart.

True, they should have just gotten the Pied Piper. If he is still good after Flashpoint.

My other thought was that they'd thrown HR back and tell him to sent through his business partner who actually solved the puzzle. Who knows who that is.

    I like Julian Albert but I have this horrible feeling they're going to make him Albert Desmond aka Dr. Alchemy. That will ruin him for me...because so far everything Julian has said or done I've agreed with and it's great having a cynic around who doesn't think Barry's all that great but also isn't evil.

    I just like that he's a jerk. I don't want Julian to be the hero or the villain.

I agree, just keep him a normal guy.


      Good plotline with Caitlin too. You thought Caitlin was a cold fish, she obviously gets it from her mom. Yikes!

    I never thought of her as a cold fish...

Maybe it is just because her husband died so suddenly, but I've always found the character to be very clinical and closed off.

The only time she ever "cut loose" was the one time she got drunk with Barry and they almost slept together.