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    Who the hell thought this was a good idea for an episode?

    Everyone involved should feel a deep sense of shame and embarrassment.

    Please...never again!

I think the idea came from

1. Several of the actors in the Arrowverse have a musical background (I think the actors who play Barry and Kara were on Glee along with the music meister actor...Joe was in the musical rent)

2. I think a lot of the creators/actors in the Arrowverse are I don't say that to be homophobic. I'm sure most gay people hate musicals as much as anyone else. But there's a certain subsection that probably love them that exemplifies the stereotype.

There's like a lot of characters in the Arrowverse played by gay actors

1. Malcolm
2. Roy
3. Pied Piper
4. Barry's dad (Henry)
5. Martin Stein
6. Captain Cold

and the creator Greg Berlanti's gay.

After a crap day at work, this was fun, stupid, silly fun...just what was needed! lol

Honestly, it made no sense to have a musical episode, but It was nice to laugh at the show intentionally, rather than by accident.

Is Music Meister supposed to be a riff (get it) on Myxpltz?

Jesse Martin was in wonderful voice, as was Winn ( forget the actor's name). Was pleasantly surprised by Cisco. I think he and Winn went to school together? Kara's singing was a bit off to me. I am always surprised when Grant sings; to me the voice never matches the face. Weird.

I can take or leave a musical. However, I think it was more for the cast than the audience. A lot of them have musical theatre backgrounds ( receiving high acclaim), and three of them did perform on Glee together ( Meister, Kara, Barry). With the long tv schedule I think it would be hard for anyone of the main cast to do outside projects. So this may have been a way to keep the actors happy (aside from their huge paychecks).