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    My head is spinning.

    From the original timeline: Barry became Flash in 2020, disappeared in 2023, but had to reappear sometime after because most of his rogues are from far in the future, right?

    Thawne Timeline: Barry becae Flash in 2014, but still disappears in 2024, has to reappear sometime after because his rogues are from far in the future.

    Unless, he travels into the future multiple times. Is this Thane Timeline Flash a meanie that all his rogues hate him? From the comics, I only remember Thawne wanting him dead. Everybody else just seemed to be having a playdate with him.

    Also, was there an error in this episode? AK thanked Harrison Wells for the 'fuel' for his time machine. But wasn't it really Thawne who created the 'fuel' (whatever that glowing ball was). Even though Thawne was posing as Harrison Wells. The particle accelerator was Harrison's invention, I don't think the glowing ball was.

I thought they already found Eobard's power device in his wheelchair 2 seasons ago. Cisco acted like they had no clue where Eobard's power came from.

    Killer Frost? Meh. I was giving a big heart pound to Caitlin because she stayed awake during her own surgery. Shame she is now a one note villain. At least she won't be villain of the week. They might even change her into an anti-hero for the 4th season.

I'd rather her be a one note villain then to have her mope after a 3rd love interest dies.

    They should have died Barry's hair blonde for the future episode. That would have been funny

If you leave the present to go to the future...then why is your future self there? Shouldn't that future be the one where you left the present?

The device in the wheelchair was what RF was using to keep himself charged with energy due to his bad link to the speed force at the time.

The device found in the time vault was a replica of what was used to power his time machine at the end of Season 1.

Also it shows that they really need to study the time vault and get all the walls open in it to see what else RF left behind.

As to going to the future and it being a future where you disappeared and thus should not have a future self, that is depended on time being a constant straight line without any variables or what ifs. Barry should be entering a future that shows things are because he disappeared in the past, but also we must take into account that unless he is caught by surprised and killed he will inevitably go back to the past, presumably returning only a few minutes after he left.

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