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Subj: Re: Just want everyone's thoughts on this one
Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 at 01:53:36 pm BST (Viewed 431 times)
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    What IF, HR did turn out to be Savitar? Obviously, not right now but in the future it's revealed he becomes the villain?

    What if Harry is Savitar from the future?

    Regardless if this is not possible or not, ask yourself "What IF?"

    What if either one turned out to be Savitar? How disappointed would you be? Would you be excited instead? Would this be essentially repeating the same villain from season 1?

I would be utterly disappointed. So damn it probably is him. This show knows how to disappoint.

Plus it would seem so empty and manipulative. The logic behind HR being on the team in the first place is paper thin and to make him the big bad after Jay/Hunter and Harrison/Eobard would telegraph that the season 4 villain is probably someone who will become a teammate of the group and come from an alternate future/present, look like someone we know etc.

    Look forward to your answers because I want to know if any of you feel the same way I would if either Harry or HR turned out to be Savitar.

I would be disappointed either way but more so if it was HR. I like Harrison-2 more but the one good quality HR has is that he seems to be free of malice or hubris. Harrison-2 going evil...doesn't seem that far off from who he really is. But still it would be a cop out since we already sort of had an evil Harrison as the big bad when Eobard pretended to be him.

Any and all Harrisons should be immune from being the seasonal big bad for the rest of the series IMO.'s somehow the actual real one from Earth-1 that Eobard killed that we don't really know...but I'm talking like last season of the show villain.

I think the best bet is to reveal that HR's secret is something dull and banal. We're expecting him to be a mustache twirling villain yet he comes off as a complete idiot. Just reveal he's doing something creepy like blowing dudes behind the Big Belly Burger trashcans every night. Don't make him the season villain.

iF Savitar thiough is future Barry, how does he stop Himselfr?