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Subj: Re: Savitar's Identity reveal was such a disappointment *Spoilers*
Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 at 03:18:38 pm EDT (Viewed 483 times)
Reply Subj: Savitar's Identity reveal was such a disappointment *Spoilers*
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I hardly bothered playing the guessing game this season. After 2 seasons, I'm tired of these mysteries.

1. The showrunners didn't stay true to the origin of the comics version of the character. It would have been way better had they done so. Now that we know it's an (alternate) future Barry, this raises a number of questions and problems. Why would he kill Iris, the woman he loves? Why would he hate his past self? Why would he inflict so much pain on those he once called friend? Nothing adds up and this reveal makes absolutely no sense. And this right here is a perfect example as to why the shorunners SHOULD have stuck with the origin story for Savitar in the comics. This would have erased all the problems future Barry presents us with.

2. Season 1 had Reverse Flash, which was basically an evil version of the Flash. Season had Zoom, which was, again, just an evil version of the Flash. And once more, the showrunners repeat the same mistake. Savitar is just an evil version of the Flash. How long can they get away with repeating the same idea over and over again?!

But hey, this article says it way better than I can:

Weren't we promised a NON-Speedster big bad this season? Yes, yes we were. But then notice how quickly he got sidelined so that Savitar was the only Big Bad left. And then in the article above, they promise once again that we won't have a speedster as the big bad for the next season. Riiiight. I'll believe THAT when I see it because that was supposed to happen THIS season, but then we got Savitar with Dr. Alchemy being quickly sidelined after only a small handful of episodes.

Aside from all this, it's been a pretty meh season so far. And with the Flash jumping the shark (AGAIN) with the musical episode, I cannot see this show lasting for much longer.

Was thinking about this and realized a problem. Isn't Savitar in a time loop that's outside the rest of his history? He's in the speed force which is apparently outside of time and needs Wally to free him and he recounts how Team Flash threw him into speed force in the future. Yet, all of this will also result in Barry becoming Savitar... when/where/how does Barry becoming Savitar connect to the Savitar thrown into the Speed Force in the future who then comes out of the Speed Force in the past to kill Iris and get thrown back into the Speed Force into the future?

As far as the rest, I think the simple answer is Barry becomes nuts with grief and focuses on not caring for anyone and just getting faster. As he distances himself, he basically becomes a sociopath and/or an addict to the SF. By this point, he doesn't hate his past self, he simply doesn't care anymore. It's history to him, over and done with, and all that matters is elevating himself past that to become a god of speed.

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