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Well Barry and Savitar have words with each other, and the not surprising revelation is: Savitar is a Time Revenant.

Apparently in the future when Flash fights Savitar he will create Time Revenants to fight Savitar. Savitar kills all but one Revenant so that the Revenant will go on to BECOME Savitar after Savitar is locked in the Speed Force.

Basically it is an endless Moebius Strip. Savitar exists but also makes sure that a Revenant is left alive to become Savitar. The Revenant is angry over how he was mistreated by Team Flash for not being the "real" Flash, and of course Flashpoint is also to blame.

Wells-19 and the physicist start hitting it off.

Cisco hits upon the idea that if they give Barry a case of short term memory loss under the theory that if Barry has no memory then neither will Savitar.

Well unfortunately for Barry, the device works a little too well and he is basically the victim of the Men In Black Neuroalyzer and that his entire memory goes into limbo.

However it does also affect Savitar.

Comedic antics occur thanks to Barry's lack of memory as he must testify against an arsonist in court. After that debacle they return to STAR LABS and Killer Frost is waiting for them. We also learn that Wally at the moment is depowered. KF knows why and needs them to fix things.

Barry rather humorously rediscovers his powers.

Savitar losing his memories means that he doesn't go along with the plan to give Wally his speed.

KF helps to restore Barry's mind, Cisco tries to restore Caitlyn.

The arsonist, Heatmonger, goes on a rampage. Barry runs out to try to stop him but his memory loss isn't helping. They use a device to send a jolt via the transceivers in the suit. After that Iris then tells Barry how his mother dies in an effort to then jolt his memory back into operation.

It works and Barry AND Savitar remember. This also restores Wally's powers....however I don't think Wally's power loss makes sense. he already received his powers unless they come from a future version of Savitar.

The Speed Force Bazooka is built but they lack a power source for it as it requires more energy then even the sun has according to Cisco.

Scene then shifts to the mind control device of the Dominators but it is guarded by KING SHARK!

End of ep.

Next episode; Barry goes to get Captain Cold's assistance. "Let's do the Time Warp again!"

What exactly are the Time Remnants again? I thought the way they explained it when Barry fought Zoom was that the Barry from the future came back so there were 2 Barrys at the same time. Presumably, when the fight is won, the first Barry goes back in time becoming the second while the second Barry continues on into the future. There should be no leftover Barrys, there isn't really a "second" Barry they are both the same guy who just overlaps his timeline a little. So how can Savitar be a leftover remnant whose motivation is that Team Flash gave him the cold shoulder after the fight was over because he wasn't the "real" Flash? Where would a Time Remnant go? Wouldn't he just be reabsorbed into Barry if nothing else? Or is it more like Bart/Impulse in the comics when he developed the ability to create energy duplicates of himself that had nothing to do with time travel (as far as we knew), his "scouts?"

Okay, anyway ... so when Barry loses his memory, so does Savitar, so they have changed time. It even erases everything he's done like give Wally powers. Shouldn't he basically cease to exist then? If everything he did in the future is erased then he never will kill Iris, so there is no reason for Flash to fight him, or create Remnants, and therefore Savitar should never be created in the first place. I just think it makes no damn sense.

At least we see Killer Frost warming up a little bit.

I agree with Iris though, I prefer fun Barry over brooding Barry.

I just feel sorry for HR if the only Star Trek he had on his Earth was Voyager.

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