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Subj: Re: I begin to suspect that Joe was the one killed.
Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 at 05:18:50 pm BST (Viewed 631 times)
Reply Subj: I begin to suspect that Joe was the one killed.
Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 at 09:41:31 am BST (Viewed 12 times)

    So we have the body switch idea floating around and that it was someone disguised as Iris that was skewered and killed.

Yeah but the preview shows Joe crying on a rooftop.

    Some have floated the idea that it was Wells 19, but given his emo rant about how he screwed up and let Savitar know where Iris was, unless that was a disguised Iris berating herself and trying to act like Wells 19, I don't think it was him. Also when would be the off camera moment when they would have switched?

I wouldn't think it was Well 19. He really wants to get into Tracy's pants. And he's sooooo close to closing the deal. It's just like the worst timing to be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice when he's this close to having something work out for him in life.

    Some think Julian was the one given his rather odd absence in this last episode. Another good idea, but the only time I can see the switch occurring is IF he followed them to Earth 2 and made the switch after the big scene where she gave the engagement ring to her father. Julian could have stayed in the shadows and not told anyone his plan so that Barry/Savitar wouldn't know about it.

I hope it isn't Julian as I think he's the only one on the show who is willing to hurt people's feelings by telling the truth but I've been expected him to buy it all season. Between being quasi evil, having the same profession as Barry and dating Caitlin he's really been marked for death all along.

    But JOE on the other hand......what parent wouldn't want to move heaven and Earth to keep their kid safe? What parent wouldn't do whatever it takes to save their kid? What if, after the big scene where she gave Joe the engagement ring in case she doesn't make it, that Joe decided to make the switch and disguise himself as Iris and Iris as Joe? Each behaved as the other would have with Iris as Joe trying to talk Savitar down and Joe as Iris offering to surrender if he didn't kill Wells 2 and Joe.

I just think it's the wrong time to kill Joe. Every season Barry loses a father or father figure. He lost who he thought was Wells, he lost who he thought was Jay (well more of a cool uncle I guess), he lost Henry and I think the real Jay recently got stuck in the speed force (I think). For someone with an abundance of father figures he keeps losing them.

And honestly Barry and Joe's father/son dynamic is IMO the most important part of the show. Even more important than Iris IMO. Joe keeps Barry grounded and humble.

    Also in previous future visions didn't we see Wells on the roof only now it is Joe? Also when Savitar was standing still, even though his armor is likely bullet proof, why didn't Joe shoot? Did he know it was futile or was it that ti was really Iris and she isn't that good a shot? Bullet proofed armor not withstanding this was his daughter in the arms of the enemy, so I would think Joe would have been popping caps as it were on Savitar. Also while Joe looked grief stricken as he collapsed on the roof, that scene could have been a bit more epic with the grief being shown but wasn't. So, did Joe pull a switch with his daughter on Earth 2?

    Did Wells 2 somehow make an Iris replica? We don't know his full skill as a scientist or what devices he has on hand. Perhaps he made an LMD of Iris to be kidnapped?

    Did Wally upon arrival on Earth 2 grab Iris and make a time remnant of her? Another possibility.


    Regardless, if Iris really is still alive at the moment she has to play dead and not tell anyone she is alive until Savitar is dead or locked in the speed force. Otherwise Barry will learn and so will Savitar.