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Subj: Re: Wasn't that bad :)
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    Overall this Season of the Flash was enjoyable though some of the temporal illogic made my head hurt at times.

    If Savitar's existence is indeed erased, then shouldn't his actions have never happened? Guess not as sometimes time still happens, regardless.

    The Speed Force exists outside of time, so the Speed Force cage would still exist with in it. Though WHY the SF doesn't somehow destroy the cage now that Savitar is erased is a good question.

Who was plugging the hole that is the speedforce cage before Jay? I have low memory retention with this show.

    Nothing against Gustin, but I hope that Barry is gone for most of the season. I'd like for Wally to grow a bit as Kid Flash, also Jay can visit from Earth 3 from time to time and Jesse can return to be with Wally and work with him to keep Central City safe.

I don't dislike Gustin. As the Flash he works. But his work this episode as the villain Savitar...was just painful to watch. I never want to see evil Barry again...the actor can't pull it off. He comes off as emo not evil.

    Wells 2 will be there as well and I suspect he and Cisco will be devoting much of their time to getting Barry out of the Speed Force, when they aren't fighting metas.

Where was Jesse? I mean the only 2 people in her life are Harrison and Wally and they were both on earth 1.

    Also I am hoping that Cisco starts upping his game both as Vibe and with Gypsy.

Has Cisco gotten laid yet during this series? Caitlin's slamming ass all over the place but Cisco never gets lucky with any of his love interests.

    Let Barry stay in the Speed Force for awhile, maybe show him viewing what is going on in our world and getting restless even as he learns new things about the Speed Force and his powers.

    Also I can think of ONE way to get Barry back and to also hopefully prevent the creation of Savitar, a desperate move, Wally or Jesse hit time warp speed and go back to BEFORE Barry went back to create Flashpoint and tell him to not do it, thus the Flashpoint timeline we had in Season 3 undergoes a major revision.

Yeah but they're not supposed to do what Barry did. I think Jay will be ticked. Ever time you mess with time there's a repercussion you have to live with.

First Savitar was in the trap, then he tricked Wally into replacing him, then Barry enters the Speed Force to get him, Jay arrives to assist and stays in the trap to free Wally.

Yeah, Savitar seemed more emo then evil at times.

Jesse went to Earth 3 to keep things safe there until Jay was freed.

Cisco's dating life seems non-existent. Here's hoping Gypsy changes that.

Yes there are repercussions to changing time, and things might be worse if they prevent Flashpoint. However Black Flash was frozen and shattered so unless the Speed Force can recreate him, he's done.

Come to think of it, what did happen to his pieces?