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Subj: Re: THE FLASH May 23rd Season 3 finale: FINISH LINE
Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 at 11:43:05 pm BST (Viewed 8 times)
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Not a bad episode but others have voiced my concern(s).

However, I am disappointed at how easily Black Flash was defeated. I'm not sure why RF feared him so much if all he had to do was freeze him. If that's so why didn't RF have Snart do the same thing?

As for the SF trap . . . The SF has never stated which speedster had to be in the trap. Why not trick/force Thawne or Zoom into the trap? The SF was not happy with them anyway. Instead of sending the Black Flash to erase Thawne why didn't the SF capture Thawne and put him in the trap?

I agree with the other post saying that Season 4 is a good opportunity to decrease BA'a appearances and let Wally take the mantle for awhile. I'd like to see Wally as the Flash and also see more of Jesse Quick and Jay G (as the other post said).

Finally, Cisco and Gypsy? EEEEWWWWW! They are the same person just from different dimensions ie Gypsy is the Cisco of Earth 19. I like myself but would never date myself and certainly not . . . with myself.

How wrong is it that we have consistency with the PROBLEMS of the episode?!?!? lol

Like others have said:

How the heck was BF so easily defeated....by cold? KF on Earth2 was barely able to contain Zoom. How was she now able to control/shatter BF?!?! Then KF should have killed not only Cisco but Barry all by herself. Heck, she could have defeated Savitar all on her own.

Why didn't Savitar kill everybody else, and then go to Plan B? He had a lot of time to kill.

Black Flash and a Flash prison are redundant aren't they? If the Time Wratihs are the sheriffs and the BF is the executioner, do you really need a prison? Or if you do need a prison, the number of prisoners shouldn't matter. Barry should be in prison for his crimes against time anyway, but not because he had tor place a speedster. Unless Barry somehow messed up the speed force by turning it into a prison in the first place (putting Savitar in there messed up the Speed Force dynamics and now it has to have a prison).

Why does Wally still have his speed? Servitor gave it to him, no Savitar no speed? Didn't we just go through this a few episodes ago?!!? Now, it doesn't matter?!!?

So every season we get a new version of Harrison Wells (somebody still needs to explain to me since we got rid of Thawne, why the we still have Barry Flash but no Earth1 Harrison Wells) and an evil speedster.

For this show to be on the CW, yeah I know it's 8pm, but Barry and Iris are the most unkissing couple. All this hugging, c'mob now.

Caitlin/KF- awww Mom!! The one with some brains. She wants a storyline besides moping after a man; I wouldn't want to be Caitlin again either. Good for her to explore her new dynamic.

Cisco hasn't had a proper date since Kendra. Hopefully he and Gypsy and 'discover the limits of his powers together'. lol

Iris. You've had 2 fiancees die/disappear on you; better stick with the hyphen of West-Allen; no smart man will be around you.

Is Jay going to be around for Season 4? I hope so. Now they can have Flash conferences since each earth has their own flash ( E1, E2, E3). Where are we getting our next Wells from?

What's left for Barry to mess-up now? He should be master of the speed force by the stop his mom let's him out. See the real life he was supposed to lead if Thawne hadn't killed his mother, marry and have kids with Iris in the 30th century, find his grandson Bart and bring him back to the 21st century, or cause the Crisis to come early and transform into Exra Miller?

I can't wait until this season comes to Netflix. It has been so uneven and non-sensical, but I have to watch it all again to try an understand what the heck I just watched and what the writers/producers were smoking/drinking.

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