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Subj: Re: BLAH! Remember the show TIME TRAX?
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to all the time traveling wonkiness you stated! ;\)

    Also we aren't getting a new Wells next season, it is Wells 2.

I think this should be a recurring joke of the series: every season we get a new Harrison Wells. Yes Harry2 is staying for a bit, but that doesn't mean he won't leave midseason or after they pull Barry from the SP. Then he will say, 'see you guys around, call me if you need me again', and we have a Wells from another earth.

    As to Black Flash, he is a zombie imbued with the speed force and homes in on other speedsters. He would ignore KF and go for Savitar thus being open to attack from her. Also cold does stop speedsters, remember it was Cisco that built the cold gun that Snart would later acquire as a possible defense against Barry.

I still don't think it should have been that easy to defeat BF. She shouldn't have been able to freeze him that completely, that fast. The Speed Force better bring him back!

    as to Cisco and Gypsy.....it has not been stated that they are in fact dimensional counter parts. They have the same powers, yes but that doesn't mean their DNA is a match for each other. Reminds me of the episode of Sliders when Quinn met the female version of himself. Arturo stated "merely the difference between and X and a Y chromosome, Mr. Mallory".

I don't think they are doppelgängers of each other. Actually, I'd still root for the relationship even if they were.

I was going to type something rather 'off' about the two of them, but decided against it. lol


I feel the same way about the time travel stuff as you do.

Dr Who with all of its continuity issues over 50 years still pays better attention to the rules of time travel.

So did Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3.

Remember the show TIME TRAX? A cop from the future comes to the 20th century to zap escaped criminals back home. They quickly established that it is a parallel timeline so that anything they do does NOT change their future. A quick cop out that avoids time paradoxes, but it worked. Although he was able to send messages to the future via newspaper ads and get messages beamed back to him despite it being a parallel time line...

Basically the FLASH writers are essentially ignoring the bulk of the time paradoxes by stating in Legends that time cements into place.

Thus going back to save his mother is a bad idea. You cannot change 15 years of history even if it is by altering one moment.

Now if they want back 24 hours and used the piece of Savitar armor to kill Savitar, that wouldn't be too bad as it is one day vs. 15 years.

In Dr Who terminology the death of Barry's mother is a fixed moment in history, it cannot be changed. Now the death of Wells 19 is another such fixed moment.

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