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In the latest episode Barry picks the fragments of an exploding grenade out of the air. Which is impossible.

Changing their trajectory would be fine, but he doesn't do that. He just stops them. Now, when Barry slows to normal speed every one of those fragments are still going to have the same kinetic energy they had when he plucked them out of the air. They'd rip through his hands and body like bullets. But they didn't.

So what's happened to all that kinetic energy? Did Barry somehow absorb it?

Maybe that's his new power?

Well back in the 90's series there was the episode where Barry was braintwisted by the Trickster and as they were pulling heists around town, one cop shot at Barry and he easily caught the bullets and hurled them back at the cops.

Plus over the years in comics, super speeders have caught or deflect bullets and other items before.

I would presume that Barry unconsciously siphoned their kinetic energy, or his superior speed/kinetic force somehow blocked/cancelled the kinetic force of the shrapnel.

As to Barry generating and then moving to be blasted by his own lightning, well I just chalk it up to the fact that characters like Flash and Superman exist in defiance of the laws of physics. \:\)